Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been interested in reading about what some are calling Biblical patriarchy, but have not been convinced. I even found some of it disturbing. Yesterday, I read the current issue of No Greater Joy magazine. I do not share all of what Michael Pearl believes, but I usually agree with his take on parenting. Anywho, the Pearls wrote this article which I believe is just the ticket to answer this whole patriarchy thing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its a girl!

I had an ultrasound sone last week. We were totally expecting the Dr. to tell us about the baby boy we were going to have. We even had a name chosen; Samuel Taylor Arias, named for my father in law and Hudson Taylor. Imagine my extreme shock when the Dr. says to me "feh-mahl" I stared at him, wondering just what was he trying to say. He repeated "feh-mahl". I concentrated really hard. Then it came to me, "Female"!!!! A girl? We weren't expecting a girl! Of course we were all mostly pleased. All but Ronnie, who really wanted a brother.

Oh well, all is well and Baby is healthy.

Church is doing remarkably well. We had 116 on Sunday.

Its still raining.

We are still waiting for Customs to release our stuff.

Keep praying for your missionaries all around the world