Wednesday, December 31, 2008

We're home!

After 5 very long days, Vanessa and I are home. Here's the story

Last Friday, I had an appointment with the Pediatrician to get some drops for Vanessa, like Mylecon, for the colicky gas. Not a big deal, but you can't buy the drops OTC. That morning, Vanessa felt feverish, so I was glad I had the appointment. When we saw the Dr. , she examined her and told us to have her hospitalizes immediately. We didn't understand the gravity, but she said that any 7 week old baby that has a fever like that is a big deal. Since we are on the national health plan, that meant that I must take her to the Regional Hospital. They have the most advanced equipment and treatment, but the hospital itself is old and decrepit. Gives me the creeps.

They examined Vanessa in the emergency room, took urine and blood samples and inserted the needle thingy in her arm. We waited for the preliminary tests, which came back negative for urinary tract infection. So they decided to admit her in order to find out what was causing the fever. The next step was testing for....Meningitis!!!!! Do you know what that means? Yep, a spinal tap. I was furious because she had already been through so much. But the Dr insisted. We left the room. 30 minutes later, they came out and told us that they had been unsuccessful, and had not gotten any spinal fluid. Goodness! All that suffering for nothing! I was in tears. They started an IV antibiotic, just in case. The family had to leave and I was alone with Vanessa in the room. There were 8 cribs, but there were only 5 babies and their mothers. There were 2 recliners. We were told that we must not roam the room, but stay near our crib. We could not touch anything belonging to the other children. We could not sit in the recliners with our babies. It felt like baby prison. There are three levels of personnel. The Drs., the nurses and the Auxiliares. They are the low men on the totem pole. That makes them mean. Our particular one, Romina was a pain. I called her the nazi nurse. She got on to us about everything. She was unbending in the rules, and she didn't seem to like kids. Or their parents. She played horrible music loudly on the radio. Felt like torture.

Nights were horrible because I couldn't get Vanessa to sleep in that loud, well-lit room. Squeeky beds and howling children. I couldn't rock her. I couldn't do anything I normally do to put her to sleep. And once I got her relaxed, someone would come by and wake her to take her temperature or give medicine. She didn't fall asleep until 4 am for 4 days straight. I was desperate for sleep. At six, they would start waking all the kids to check their Vitals and prepare for shift change.

She saw several drs. and all said the same thing. We don't know what is causing the fever. So they would order more tests. More blood. More pain.

Finally, Emily saw her son's Dr, and got her to give Vanessa a look. She is the head of pediatrics at that hospital. She looked over the tests and examined her. She felt that Vanessa's liver was somewhat enlarged and order another blood test and an ultrasound. Two long days later, as we we preparing for another long day, she came and told us that we could go home! You see, up to that time, they could not determine if Vanessa had a bacterial infection, which needed IV antibiotics or a virus. She determined that Vanessa had a virus that was causing problems with her liver, thus calling her condition "hepatitis". Not the regular A, B or C hepatitis, just a viral hepatitis. So, since there is actually no treatment, we coul go home!

So we piled up all our stuff and went home. Vanessa calmed down immediately. We bathed her. She loved that.

We still have to take her for another blood test to see if there is any change in the liver situation, but we'll get that done at the German hospital where she was born. That's much nicer, and they have better blood-takers.

So, here we are, home sweet home.

Thank you, Lord

Thank you all for your prayers. Later I'll blog about why God allowed all this to happen.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pray for my Vanessa

Vanessa started a fever last Friday. We took her to the Dr. and she hospitalized her right away because she is so young to have such a fever. We are at the regional public hospital. It is kinda scary, but the care is adequate. The nurses are on a real power trip. They haven't been able to keep the fever down, and they can't figure out the cause.
I'll blog all about it when i can.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What a great holy-day! I know that we are not commanded in Scripture to celebrate Christmas, but we aren't forbidden either. I also know that we really don't know exactly what day Christ was born, but does that really mattter? I love it. I love the "pretties" and "sparklies". I love the goodies. I love reading and remebering the Story. The earthly beginning of Him who is eternal. Understanding and concentrating on the fulfilled prophecies of the birth of the Messiah is a great faith-lifter.

Now that I am older, I really am not interested in the gifts, except in giving them away. And I enjoy the whole season, as opposed to the "day". I love the Christmas cantatas, and programs.

As a missionary in the southern hemisphere, I still hate having Christmas in the Summer. I envy all of you who are in the middle of Winter!

May God bless you. May you have a lovely day with your loved ones. May you revel in the Reason for the season. The Babe in the manger became the Saviour on the cross.

"Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing"

"Gloria al Verbo encarnado, en humanidad velado"


I finally figured out how to rent movies on Itunes. I have been wanting to see "Expelled" for some time.

I get so frustrated when Creationists are considered insane. The blasphemies spoken by the atheists were appalling to hear. I wanted to weep for those people! They fearlessly speak things about God that they do not understand. More and more I feel like a stranger in a strange land. We speak a different language and we have different world views. We are not welcome in this land.

Also, it was difficult to see the scenes in the nazi concentration camps and "hospitals". I cannot see those things without being horrified. The scenes haunt me. To see how torture and murder are rationalized and explained as "good" is terrifying. But just as Nazi Germany tortured and killed Jews and the weak, sick and handicapped, modern American kill babies. As a nation, we are no different. Someday, those responsible we bow before an Almighty God and beg for forgiveness, and it will be too late.

It was a good movie, for a documentary. It was not encouraging, but it did remind me about my part in all this. My work in my home, in my Church, in our town, all is useful in proclaming the Truth.

Friday, December 05, 2008

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Yes, I know that Thanksgiving was last week. We had a marverlous day. We got together over at Mom's with my sis and her fam, and 2 other missionary families. We ate traditional Thanksgiving food. Chile is very good about having most of what we need to celebrate. Bro. Phil brought his laptop with the first season of Star Trek TOS! We watched "The Man Trap" WooHoo. You gotta love old ST!

Special thanks to Michele for the lovely ecard. What a blessing! And also to Courtney, for her sweet Thanksgiving greeting.

The reason that I am so late in all this is of course, the baby. Babies look so small! But I am telling you, they are a full time employer! I already have 3 other full time positions: Wife, Mother, Pastor's wife. But for now, Baby's mother trumps the rest. I have not been able to keep up with other duties and am beginning to feel overwhelmed. I cannot imagine how a single mom does it! I cannot understand the Supermoms that have 4 kids, and are pregnant, and still have a clean house AND live to blog about it!

As most of you are enjoying a lovely Fall, we are in a Chilean heat wave. Not too hot to you, but boiling to us. We had to go to the City on Monday for Dr.s appt. We had to leave our "new" minivan at the mechanic. We were on foot and in cabs all day. Hot hot hot. Me no like hot.
Anyway, Dr was pleased with Vanessa's growth and health. So we have a lot to be thankful for.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Calvinism vs Armenianism

For reasons that I cannot begin to comprehend, I have lately been fascinated by the Calvinism vs. Armenianism debate. I don't know why.
I have learned that women do not usually blog about this, but preachers do. They write loooooong posts and looooooong comments on other's posts. I don't know where they get all that time! The other thing is that the more I read about it, the stupider I feel (see how bad it is? I just wrote "stupider") These writers use long words I never heard before like "Lapsarianism" and "amyraldism".
I have seen harsh disagreement between these two positions. I have also seen inflexibility. For example, one man wrote that if you aren't a calvinist, you're an armenian. Oh, and of course, they both use some of the same words, but define they differently. Another example; Do I believe in the sovreignty of God? Yes. Do I believe that God chooses people to go to hell? No. Do I think that is two opposing views? No, but that's just me!

The sad thing is that it appears that both groups believe that the other group cannot possibly be saved. Hmm. Since I do not place myself in either group totally, where does that leave me? Hmmm.

Ahh, theology!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mommy Musings, A tale of two Babies

Almost thirteen years ago, a wee baby was born to the Arias Family. Her 23 year old mama tried her best to prepare for her arrival. She read the books and listened to Dr. Dobson on the radio. (this was actually very helpful) But nothing prepare her for the reality of a baby. Mama and Daddy were preparing to head for the mission field in the next month after the blessed birth. So, shopping and packing, visiting and last goodbyes, they flittered all around Southern California during Baby¨s first month. Oh yeah, and a last trip to Disneyland. And a few Christmas programs. Mama was amazed at how well Baby did on all these outings. She did well, until nightime, that is. At night, Baby could not sleep. She fussed and cried. We took turns walking here all hours of the night, Mama, Daddy and Granny. Baby was frustrated. Mama was frustrated. Still, ding-bat Mama did not realize that maybe she was making this situation worse. She never dreamed that all the running around might be affecting her little one. As Baby grew, she seemed to need even more stimulation, leading ding-bat Mama to put Baby in her swing In Front of the TV, just so Mama could get some work done. Needless to say, Mama was not incredibly anxious to have another go at motherhood.

NOTE. There was another baby born between the two girls. I adore my son, but I cannot hardly remember anything from his babyhood. This may be because baby girl Number 1 was two at the time, and I was on overload. Sorry Ronnie.

Fast forward to Little Girl Number 2. Mama is now 35. She has watched "The Baby Whisperer" and read her book, especially the parts about over-stimulated babies. She and her Big Girl get the house ready. She relinquishes her SS class. After baby is born, she stays home. When she does go to Church, she keeps Baby in the cry room. Amazingly, Baby is much calmer. No need for hours of walking and lullabies. Very little frustration. Fewer tears from Baby and Mama. But then, Mama makes a mistake. Mama takes the ladies for a quick retreat. (Not her idea) One nïght away from home. Baby cries all night. Mama walks the halls of the retreat center and remembers the past. Next night, at home, same thing, fussiness. But then, all is calm again. Not perfect but definitely livable.
Maybe later on we can go out and about, but for now, for the first few weeks, we will stick close to home.

Lesson learned, and it only took 13 years.

Another Note.
God was exceedingly merciful to Baby Girl Number 1. She has turned out to be a lovely, godly young lady, in spite of her ding-bat mother.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A miracle

Last week, a lady from Church stopped by my house and told me that a guy in our church had had an accident and had broken/dislocated his shoulder and would need expensive surgery. The Preacher went to see him the very next day. He was horrified when he saw the x-rays of the broken shoulder, and the pain this brother was suffering. Through the public health system, the dr had given him an appointment for the following Friday. That night Neil took two men from the Church over to visit Jose Luis. They encouraged him, but also gently told him that maybe this was God's way of getting his attention, as he was not really faithful at all to God or the Church. This man broke down and cried out to God in repentance, acknowledging his guilt in this matter. The men prayed with him, asking God to heal him.
Neil knew that his physical condition shouldn't wait, so on Sat night, he drove Jose Luis into Valdivia to the Regional Hospital to the emergency room where they took more x-rays. Here's what they said. "Boy, why are you here? There's nothing more than a contusion here!" What!? He's OK! He doesn't need surgery. Its just a contusion! Wait a minute. Was there a mistake in the first x-ray? The second? No, my friends, there was healing from Above. When did this happen? We don't know. We just know that God is still here, and He still pays house calls! We praise you , Lord!

Mommy Musings

I guess since I have a new baby, it makes sense to blog about it. I don't think I've done a series, but I have been thinking a lot about mothering, especially during the time-outs for nursing, so I've got a few things to say.

Getting Real and learing to love.
I am going to try to be honest here. This may make you think less of me, but at least it will be the truth. I also think that it may encourage others to know that not every other mom is the perfect mother, and that we can all strive to be better at this sacred calling.
Confession: I am not a Baby Person. I do not, generally speaking, like babies. (Gasp! The Horror! How can she say that!!!!) Do you know that God knew that there would be women
who would have babies that would not be Baby People? Sure! Why else would he have written the Titus 2 command for the older women to teach the younger women to love the children? NOTE: I LOVE MY CHILDREN, but I had to learn to love babies!
Do you love babies? Great! Then you need to learn to spot out young ladies who need to learn this, and share your joy with them. Mentor an over-whelmed new mommy. Help her see past the tiredness and crying and see the joy. Also, many new mothers need to learn motherhood skills. The reason that they are so frustrated may be because the do not possess the skills needed to be competent mommies. I my own case, I only had one sister, born 4 years after me. Mother always wanted more babies, but the Lord said No. So, I grew up, never having the opportunity to care for a baby. I lived in Chile,where nobody babysat, and those who needed a babysitter, usually had a maid to do it. Many young women today grow up never having cared for a baby.
I was totally without experience in the Baby department, and it showed. May God bless all first-borns, who live through their mother's inexperience! I made a lot of mistakes and I had to repent of many bad attitudes. I want to share something I read this morning. I didn't comment there, but decided to tackle this here. Yes, we are all appalled at this mommy's lousy attitude. Yes, she is wrong. But let's not crucify her. Here is a woman (and a baby) in desperate need of some Titus 2 tough love. She is trying to find justification for her bad attitude, but what she needs is some help and loving. Also, she doesn't need the guilt trip. You know, the women who have a dozen kids and never ever dreamed of leaving any of them not for one second! They never wanted to go to a retreat alone, or even to the salon. This is not what that poor, foolish woman needs. Mostly what she needs is some godly examples. Maybe you can invite this woman or others like her over for tea or whatever. You can dote on her precious baby, and maybe she can start to see her child through different eyes. I don't know. Maybe you can offer to pray with her. Ask her if she has any needs. Ask her if she is getting enough rest. Ask her if you may offer her some advice. If she says no, thank you, then let it go, you tried. But maybe, she'll just break down in tears and you'll be able to share and help.

Now, almost 13 years after my first baby, and 9 years after my second, God gives me a third chance to do it right. Things are different now, I am different now. Had I known then what I know now, I'd probably have had more babies!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Award!

What do ya know? I got an award! Michelle in Mx, missionary to the Deaf, awarded me with this:

This means a lot because I would be awfully sad if people thought my blog was a lot of fluff! Thanks, Michelle! I would also like to thank God because without Him, life itself would have no purpose, much less a little ole blog like mine!

And now, it is my great pleasure to pass this award on to Sis. Julie, missionary wife, of Julie's Jewels. Her blog knows no fluff!!!! Her purpose is to share what God shares with her through His Word, and I am always blessed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

More Baby. Mas de la Guagua

Arent my kids cute?
¿No son lindos mis niños?

Baby, oh Baby! Mi Nena!

This will be a bi-lingual post for all our friends and family.
Esta entrada será bilingue para todos nuestros amigos y familiares.

Here's the last family photo without Vanessa! Aqui esta la ultima foto familiar sin Vanessa!

Here's the hospital, before all the hoopla.
Aqui esta una foto de la clinica antes de todo el espectaculo.
After this, they took me to what they call pre-parto, where I spent the next 4 hours.
The Dr was having a really busy day, so we spent most of the time with the midwife who did not really believe my stories of the previous births. By the time the contractions got really bad, then they decided to insert the catheter for the anesthesia. It took forever because of the really painful contractions. They kept telling me to roll up in a ball (yeah, right!) and be still. (are they kidding?) By the time the catheter was inserted and before I could feel the efects of the aneshtesia, I felt that the baby was coming. I told the midwife. She couldn't believe it! i had gone from 4 cm to 10 cm in 30 minutes! They wheeled me lickety-split into the delivery room and called Neil and Mom who they had sent out for the anesthesia precedure. In the delivery room, I had two really bad contractions which, by the way, I could feel because as yet the anesthesia had not taken effect. Then, before Neil and Mom could get into their scrubs, the baby is born!!!!! I was thrilled and ticked off all at the same time! Ticked because Neil and Mom missed the whole thing, and that I felt the whole thing!!!!!! I won't even tell you about the screaming! (me, not the baby!)
Despues me llevaron a pre-parto donde pasé las siguientes cuatro horas. El Dr. estaba muy ocupado, asi que estuve todo el rato con la matrona, quien parece no haber creido cuando le conte de la rapidez de los otros partos. Cuando las contracciones estaban super fuertes, decidieron insertar el cateter para la anestesia. Se demoraron, porque fue super dificil. Querian que yo me enrollara(como si pudiera) y no me moviera (¿estan locos?) Cuando ya habian insertado el cateter y antes de sentir los efectos de la anestesia, senti que la guagua ya venia. Se lo dije a la matrona y no me podia creer. Yo habia avanzado de 4 cm hasta 10 cm en 30 minutos. Me llavaron rapidito al pabellon, y llamaron a Neil y Mama, porque los habian echado para la cosa de la anestesia. Una vez en el pabello, tuve 2 terribles contacciones mas, que igualmente senti, porque la anestesia todavia no habia tomado efecto. ¡Y nacio la guagua! Yo yestaba feliz y a la vez molesta porque 1, Neil y Mama se lo perdieron todo, y 2, Senti tod0! Y ni les voy a hablar de los gritos (los mios, no los de la bebe!)

Alls well that ends well!
Ya todo esta bien!

Ronnie wasnt really keen on holding the baby
Ronnie no queria tomar la guagua.
But he had a change of heart!
Pero cambio de parecer!

Heres a shot with Emily and the lovely flowers she brought.
Una foto con mi hermana Emily, y las flores que trajo.

Monday, November 03, 2008

One last pre-baby post

That is, if the Dr. doesn't change his mind tomorrow. All is ready...... I still don't have a diaper bag. Diaper bags are serious things, not to be purchased on a whim. It has to be big enough, small enough, not too pink, as those show the dirt all to easily. I'll just wait until I can find the perfect bag!

The Dr. asked us to come in to his office on Sat evening, as we were in the city anyway. Neil and I were wondering what he was going to say, or was looking for. I told him that I figured that he would want to see if I was dilated at all. Neil asked me just how the Dr. would find that out, was there a test or something? I laughed. I told him exactly how the Dr. found out just how many centimeters dilated someone is. He gave me the most horrified look! Now, this is our 3rd baby. Where has that man been?????

My 9 year old is getting excited about the delivery. He asked me if I was having "contraptions"!

Now, on to the elections. Just know this. God has determined who will become the next president of the USA, and that man will be there to fulfill God's sovereign purposes. That thought encourages me, as I am not thrilled about one of the candidates, and I am really frightened by the other one! I have just finished reading in the Bible about Nebuchadnezzar, and how God chose to use him to punish his rebelllious people. Are the Americans really any better than the Israelites of old? I think not.

We are having a prophecy conference this weekend. That's not my favorite subjects, but in light of current events, its good to go over again. It gets me to thinking about that old song, "Soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!" Hallelujah!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evangelistic campaign

We had a revival/evangelistic campaign last week. It was exhausting! The Lord worked mightily, first in our Church members. We had great turnout every night and visitors. The first three nights were focused on revival. Then, Sat and Sunday was all gospel. We had 6 people make professions of faith, two of them being particularly meaningful because we had been praying for them for years! One man Francisco Reyes (yes, Francisco is quite a popular name)
Well, we've prayed for him for 12 years. The other in Judith (pronounced Joo-deet´), we have prayed about 2 years for her.

It in not always easy for me to have guests several days in my house. I must say that hospitality is not always easy, but I do my best not to complain to DH. You see, here we cannot just put the visiting preacher in a hotel. Even if we had a hotel! Of course, my DH loves having guests, the more the merrier! I did find myself hiding out a bit more in my room. I guess my hormones have got me a bit more sensitive than normal.

It was also hard because the Preacher and I are early-to-bed people hosting late-to-bed people. Neil stayed up with them, but its a strain for both of us. I say this not to complain but to share that Preachers, Evangelists and their families are all-too-human, and aren't always as smiley inside as they are outside.

Of course its almost a sin to even mention a complaint when the Lord was so gracious as to work in our favor. Anyway, next time your Church has special services with special guests, pray for your preacher's family. They could probably use the extra measure of grace!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby News

I had the last ultrasound this morning. Little Miss Chubby is 37 weeks along, and if labor does not start naturally in the mean time, Dr. will induce labor on Tuesday, Nov 4. That will be great, as I will have my mind off the election, and on more "important" things. Trust me, my daughter will have a greater impact on my life than Obama or McCain.

We couldn't see much today, except for some mighty chubby thighs. What can I say? Thats my Baby!

We also got the bill to pre-pay. Guess how much. No, don't bother, I'll tell you. 400.00 dollars. Thats it. Nothing more. In the nicest hospital in 300 miles. Praise the Lord! The Preacher was ecstatic! He loves a bargain. He thinks we should have another baby. I said "Sure, with your second wife"

On another note, my Mom took me to have my hair done today for my B-day. I had highlights done. Took the guy 3.5 hours!!!!!!!! It looks great, but I don't want to see the inside of a salon for another year! I have never seen a more meticulous hair-dresser in my life. He did a great job on every one that came in while the lady was putting the foil in my hair. Did I mention that I look great? I'll post some baby pics next week.

We had an evangelistic campaign last week. I'll blog about it tomorrow. It was great.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little touches

In "Little Women", after Beth dies, Jo is all alone. But she finds out that housework sometimes is its own reward. I always find this passage touching and encouraging, as sometimes it seems that what we do goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Other helps had Jo--humble, wholesome duties and delights that would not be denied their part in serving her, and which she slowly learned to see and value. Brooms and dishcloths never could be as distasteful as they once had been, for Beth had presided over both, and something of her housewifely spirit seemed to linger around the little mop and the old brush, never thrown away. As she used them, Jo found herself humming the songs Beth used to hum, imitating Beth's orderly ways, and giving the little touches here and there that kept everything fresh and cozy, which was the first step toward making home happy, though she didn't know it till Hannah said with an approving squeeze of the hand...
"You thoughtful creeter, you're determined we shan't miss that dear lamb ef you can help it. We don't say much, but we see it, and the Lord will bless you for't, see ef He don't."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marriage Blessing for Courtney

A lot of you are familiar with Courtney's Contemplations and know that she is getting married this week. I don't think she follows my blog, but just the same, I'd like to wish her a lovely wedding and a beautiful marriage.

Dear Courtney,
This is a time you and your family have been looking forward to for a long time. When I started reading your blog, "Christopher" didn't even exist, as far as you were concerned. You were waiting, being a blessing to your family. You were preparing for this time. Some questioned your convictions about dating and you aswered them sweetly but firmly. I don't know if you even had any doubts about God's plan. If you did, they didn't show. If you were rebellious to your parent's leading in this matter, it didn't show. I don't think you were, because God chose to bless you and bring to you the desire of your heart. God rewards faithfulness.

I pray that your wedding is all that you hope for. But even more, I pray that you marriage turns out even better than you ever dreamed possible. Always have a teachable spirit, and God will, through different people and events, teach you how to be a great wife. The good times will be great, and the fiery trials can bring you closer to the Lord and to each other. The children you have will have the blessing of Christian parents and grandparents. And they will be as much of a blessing and honor to you, as you have been to your mom and dad.



Prayer answered!

We found the keys!

Ronnie found them under the recliner in the living room. Hallelujah!

Does Jesus care? Oh yes, He cares, I know that he cares!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flylady and child labor

That is how I am coping with the "nesting".

Flylady, for obvious reasons. If you are a naturally neat person, you won't understand, but if not, you know exactly what I mean. God bless her!

Now, for the child labor. I have not done well in teaching my son how to work. My DD, yes. There is more "girly" work 'round here. Anyway, we somehow discovered that DS can vacuum the living room. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it it actually helpful to me. Also, he has to bring in the wood for the fire. He usually makes a mess. Now he can either not make so much of a mess or he can clean it up himself.

I used to feel bad making my kids do things around the house on a regular basis. I kinda feel bad the DD is doing most of the dishes. I feel guilty somehow. In all fairness, I let her choose: dishes or laundry. She picks dishes everytime.

Truth is, I am doing the right thing by teaching them how to work. Actually, its how I'm going to get through the postpartum season. I really want to do right by this baby. With my first two, we just kept moving right along, rushed and busy, dragging Baby along with us. Then we wondered why the babies always seemed to cranky. Schedule? Routine? Impossible with Babies 1 and 2. And I was frustrated and cranky myself. Whatever attitude Eileen develops with this Baby will color her feelings for babies for the future. I want her not to dread having and caring for babies.

So, we'll share the housework. Raise the Baby together. Take is easy. Enjoy this season.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby News

Well, there is no baby news per se, just "me" news. The Dr. ordered a glucose tolerance test and it came back too high. Not high enough to warrant another test, just enough to put me on a low carb diet. Yuck! I could never ever ever do the Atkins diet-Never. I just love my carbs.

I have, however, eliminated white sugar, well, any added sugars, and desserts and chocolate and white bread, and corn bread. Have I ever told you how delicious Chilean bread is?

My birthday is coming up soon and I just want to skip it. Whats a birthday without sweets? DH says he will grill steaks. Sorry, not interested. I love a good steak, but with potato salad or a baked potato, know what I mean?

Anyway. I have an appointment for a sonogram Oct 29. Then the Dr. will decide when and if to induce labor. He has decided to induce since we live so far from the hospital. Dr. doesn't want me giving birth in the car!

Blessings to you all

Monday, October 13, 2008

a rather unusual prayer request

We lost our car-house-church keys that also had the remote for the electric gate on the day of the funeral. We've looked everywhere. I know that God cares about everything that is important to us, so please help me pray that the keys would be found!



I was going over Flylady's website the other day. I don't usually, because I have the book, and I'm not always in a Flylady mood. However, "nesting" instincts have kicked in with a vengeance, so I'm into Flylady again. This time, I am enlisting the help of my 12 year old daughter. Its good training for her, and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.

Anyway, that's not why I am writing. I am writing because I started reading the "Hey,Tom" column where women can ask Tom a question about home repair or about men in general.

Someone asked him this question about ladies and long hair that I thought was interesting. Here is his answer

Now, I am not saying that every woman has to have long hair. My own hair isn't very long. But I do know that my DH sure would like it if it was!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good times and bad, really bad times

These past few weeks have been extremely active. We had US visitors, which was great. They stayed for 10 days and we all had a great time. While they were here, I received an email from an old friend. She said that she had attended a funeral at her former Church, where we met, and had seen some of our mutual friends. It was so great to hear from her! She and her husband are involved in their Church and happy. The only thing was, I couldn't help but wonder about who had died, that would have brought my friend back to her old church. I told Mom about it, saying that I believed that it must have been someone we know. Sure enough, we soon found out that Bro. Morse had died. The Morses have been faithful in their Church for years, and have been to Chile at least twice. Bro. Morse loved missions. We were very sad and are praying for his wife and grown children.
Then, last week, we found out that our dear friend, Pastor Joaquin Hurtado, of South Gate, CA, suffered a heart attack as well. He apparently had tremendous blockage in his arteries, and if not for all the exercizing he did, would have been in Eternity now. We are happy that God has allowed him to continue here with us for a while longer. If anyone is interested, Bro. Hurtado helped to make a video about the history of the Spanish Bible, called "A Spanish Treasure".

So, one dear friend gone, one dear friend stays. Life goes on.....until tuesday morning.
Let me give you some background to this story. We have an Awana-like kids club every Sat. afternoon. A few years ago, a little boy, Francisco, started coming to club. What a disaster! He was uncontrollable. Only Pedro could handle him, so he was always on Pedro's team and on Pedro's lap during story time.
Fast forward to this year. Francisco is older, a bit better behaved. I became his Sunday School teacher a few months ago. He likes to sit next to me, and anticipate everything that I am going to say. I have to ask him if he wants to teach the class, or can I. Then he smiles and is quiet....for a while.

At kids club, we made three posters, which we read aloud every Sat. Here's what they say:
1. What must I do to go to heaven? I must recognize that I am a sinner, I must feel bad about this, and I must want to stop sinning.
2. I must believe with all my heart that Jesus is the only Savior, and that he died to pay for my sins.
3. I must ask Jesus for forgiveness, and invite him into my heart to change my life.

This past Sunday, during the morning service, Neil asked which of the children had been saved. Several raised their hands, including Francisco.

This past Tuesday morning, we recieved a phone call around 6:45 a.m. Not usual at all. I got up to answer. It was Jorge telling us that he had heard on the radio that there had been a fire at Francisco's house, and that two children had died. Neil headed over there to find out exactly what had happened, as sometimes there is misinformation. Unfortunately, it was true. Francisco and his cousin and their great-uncle died in the fire. The whole town was shaken by the news. Francisco had often bugged his folks about coming to church, but they had refused. They were encouraged by our assurance that Francisco indeed was in Heaven. The mother admitted that she had tried to go upstairs to rescue the kids, but her husband had stopped her, because she would have died as well. She said that she knew that if she had died, she wouldn't be where Francisco was. The parents allowed us to hold the funeral at our Church yesterday. The Church was packed to overflowing, (around 300) and there were hundreds outside. The club kids sang, recited Philippians 2:5-11 which was the last Scripture that we had memorized, and they recited the Gospel posters. Neil preached the Gospel and we all sang hymns. The mayor was there as were several politicians, and the press was there. Afterwards, Neil was able to lead one man to the Lord. We pray that the seed that was sown will grow in people's hearts.
Please pray for Francisco's family, that they might be saved. And please pray for Pedro. He is a fireman, and was the first on the scene at the fire. He tried to save him, but could not. I know that the sights and sounds that he heard that morning will haunt him for years to come.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Our terribly long building project was finally coming to an end. There were details, to be sure, but only a few "biggies". One, the flooring in the main auditorium, and two, the black iron fence.
This week, the men laid tile where it was supposed to go, and today, they were going to lay the carpet. My DH would not be there today, as he had a dentist appointment in the city. While we were waiting at the dentist, he got the call. You see, our church is heated with an airtight, wood burning stove. They had been keeping a fire going to continue drying the newly-laid cement.
Well, Miguel spread the glue to lay the carpet and after a while, the fumes from the glue caught fire. It didnt cause any structural damage, as our building is brick, but the smoke blackened everything. The ceiling will have to be covered with plaster again, and painted, as will the walls,
after we ladies have washed off as much soot as possible. The guys that were there are pretty shaken, as the flames grew quickly. We praise God that none of the men were injured in any way, and that the damage was minimal. Neil brought the electrician over to check the newly-installed wiring. We are going to have to replace some light fixtures and the like.
So, the building project continues. I am sorry, for Neil doesnt know how to pace himself. He works himself ragged, then gets sick. We have visitors from the US coming next week, and we had hoped to have all this done by then. I know it does not really matter, the visitors will not care. But we will. Oh well, at least every one is OK


A few years ago, we received a visit from an American pastor. We discussed many issues. He told us that he believed that the sign of a mature Christian was balance. I nodded my head, but I remember thinking "Compromiser!" But as I see different Christians openly judgemental at other Christians for having Sunday School, for example. I realize that we need to step back and reconsider our actions. Other Christians have ideas different from mine, not sinful, but different. Why should I care? Why do we feel the need to expose them and make them know just how wrong they are?

Also, are my positions extreme? Some people think so. What am I to do, change my convictions so as not to appear extreme? Well, I don't think so. What I must do though, is behave myself in such a way as to not appear that I feel spiritually superior to anyone because of my standards or positions.

I need to ask God to show me if I am really pleasing Him, or just trying to show off, by making someone else look unspiritual compared to me. For, who is to say that I am more spiritual?

Who tries the hearts? Who knows? God does! And he commands me to mind my own business to "work out my own salvation with fear and trembling". If some Christian sister seems unconcerned about certain behaviors, I should pray for her, that the Holy Spirit would direct her as He sees fit. Now, if she asks my opinion, I will not hesitate to give it, but unsolicited advice is rarely heeded, never appreciated. Do I have a duty to tell her what I think? Nope. Even in my own Church, among my own ladies who look to me for guidance, I am careful. I only say what I feel I need to say, if I think that she is ready to hear it. If not, I wait.

Now, balance is something I look for. Not compromise, but balance. The whole problem is, what is balanced? I do not know. It may all depend on my attitude. If my position makes me angry towards others or causes me to mock them or judge them, then I need to take a good long look at my position. I think sometimes we "do" things for God, without ever really asking Him about them. Even if I am doing the right things, am I doing them for the right reasons, and with the right motives? That is what I need to be concerned about. Especially before going out to "correct" someone else.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

How does a nice girl like Bristol Palin....

....from a nice family......whose parents believe in abstinence for teens.......get pregnant at 17?
I'll tell you. For the whole "abstinence" thing to work, there has to be at least 4, if not 6 people commited to it. Here goes:
1 The girl must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
2. The boy must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
3 The girl's mother must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong, and be willing to take the time and effort to make sure that her daughter is never in a situation where violating this principle is even remotely possible.
4 The girls father:ditto
5.The boy's mother: ditto
6.The boy's father:ditto

The Bible says that "a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame" Kids get into trouble when there are no adults present. Its just that simple. When both parents work, it easy for kids to fall between the cracks of parental vision. Even when mommy doesn't work, she sometimes lets her guard down.

"But I trust my daughter!" You shouldn't. God doesn't. He told you to keep an eye on her.
"I trust my son" Your son needs your guidance.
As a pastor's wife, I've heard it all. "My daughter know what she is supposed to do!" "My son would never do that!" Look, this is bigger than you or your daughter. Just "knowing" what is right or wrong in not enough! Christian young people know that they are in sin, and they are grieved by it, but thats not enough. Be prepared to do you job!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

I'm a California Girl. No matter that I haven't lived there in years, I was born there. My folks are Californians. Its who I am. I love LA! I love driving on the freeways! And that also means that I am used to earthquakes. Now, a few years back, while on furlough, we just happened to be in Milton, FL, for the arrival of Hurricane Ivan. We were not used to hurricanes. The one thing that I remember is the fact that you know, days in advance, that the hurricane is headed your way. You watch the news, you debate evacuation. You wonder if its really going to be as bad as they say. Two days before Ivan, we left Milton, FL, and headed north to Birmingham (led by God to a wonderful church) Still, the storm followed us to Birmingham, though by the time it reached us, it was only a category 1, falling to Tropical storm status. We watched the news, felt the storm bands as they arrived, paid attention to possible tornados. My DH has tornado-phobia. Then, after about 5 days of worry and concern, and 5 hours of actual storm, it was over. We survived Ivan!!!!
I'm telling you, I'll take a 3 minute earthquake any day! No advance warning, no advance worrying, and its over in a flash.
Now, I say all that to say this, I'd rather have a spiritual earthquake than a spiritual hurricane. However, God chose to send us two, simutaneously. We saw them coming, we knew that we were in for a time of uncertainty and possible loss, possibly great loss. I cannot blog in a hurricane!!!!!
But today, the storms are past, clean-up has begun. The loss was not as great as feared, and most of it can be repaired in time. Some of the damage is permanent, but for the greater good of the Lord's work here in Chile. DH and I are heaving sighs of relief and thanking God for working in our lives.

Monday, August 18, 2008


I have been interested in reading about what some are calling Biblical patriarchy, but have not been convinced. I even found some of it disturbing. Yesterday, I read the current issue of No Greater Joy magazine. I do not share all of what Michael Pearl believes, but I usually agree with his take on parenting. Anywho, the Pearls wrote this article which I believe is just the ticket to answer this whole patriarchy thing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Its a girl!

I had an ultrasound sone last week. We were totally expecting the Dr. to tell us about the baby boy we were going to have. We even had a name chosen; Samuel Taylor Arias, named for my father in law and Hudson Taylor. Imagine my extreme shock when the Dr. says to me "feh-mahl" I stared at him, wondering just what was he trying to say. He repeated "feh-mahl". I concentrated really hard. Then it came to me, "Female"!!!! A girl? We weren't expecting a girl! Of course we were all mostly pleased. All but Ronnie, who really wanted a brother.

Oh well, all is well and Baby is healthy.

Church is doing remarkably well. We had 116 on Sunday.

Its still raining.

We are still waiting for Customs to release our stuff.

Keep praying for your missionaries all around the world

Saturday, June 21, 2008

On a break!

Sorry for just "dissapearing" like that. The pregnancy was making me crazy hormonal so my blogging was a bit hormonal. I'm better, all is well, but I'm not quite ready to blog.

About the container, well, good news is, all is here at my house. The bad news is, we can't get into the stuff. Technically its being "stored' here until Customs gives us the OK and/or charges us for the items. This could take up to 9 months!

We had to pay a lot of fees and shipping costs that were somewhat unexpected. So, lesson learned, we will never again bring down a container! Once we pay all the costs, any money saved, even on items that were given to us, well, its just not worth it.

Even though I have not been writing, I have been reading. All your blogs. Love them, check them everyday. I pray for you, especially my missionary friends, Julie, JungleMom, Susan and Tori, and Michelle.
I will be closing down comments to avoid spam. I will also try to comment more on your blogs.


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Good news, bad news and an urgent prayer request

First, I haven't been able to blog recently, because I have been feeling a little under the weather. DH and I found out last week that we are going to have a baby! Yikes! Nope, not kidding, and totally sure. I have been feeling rather pukey. I think that that`s one of the reasons its been almost 10 years since my last preganancy! So, there's the good news.

Here's the bad. I had mentioned that we were bringing down a container. Neil went to the port last week, (thirteen hours away) He got the run-around from one and all. Came back for the weekend, and headed back to the port after church on Sunday night. All was going good until this afternoon when Customs started going through all the stuff. They said that we hadn't been specific enough and that we could not get the stuff liberated because there are a lot of household things and they don't consider that "ministry". Anywho, they threatened to impound and destroy all our stuff and fine us for trying to bring in contraband and trying to deceive them. Oh MY! Neil is a wreck. I told him over the phone that if we lose everything, its just stuff. You can replace stuff. Of course, inside I am trying hard not to fall to pieces. God was good to us on furlough and He gave us stuff. Stuff we thought He wanted us to have.

Neil has a meeting tonight with someone who might be able to help. He has a meeting with the Customs agents tomorrow at 8:30. Please pray that our Almighty God would show Himself strong on our behalf. And if He decides to relieve us of "stuff", pray that we might be gracious in our loss.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1 Corinthians 13

We started ladies' Bible study for the year, today. We had a great crowd, 19 ladies. Mom started a series on 1 Cor. 13. What a challenge! We just studied the first 3 verses. Oh my goodness!
Mom and I had a talk about it beforehand and discussed the implications of the first three verses. You can do everything right. You can give away all your worldly goods. You can be the best teacher and the best singer. You can even become a martyr for the cause of Christ. But if you don't have charity, Godly love, you have nothing, and you are nothing and nothing you do makes any difference in the world.
I sure would hate to get to Heaven just to be told that what I had done, and the little sacrifices that I had made were worthless. I want my life to mean something. I want to make a difference. I want to be a vessel unto honor.
So, it all boils down to charity(love). God's love. I know that I have it, but do I show it?

Saturday, March 22, 2008

What do you do?

We all go through times of difficulty where fretting and anxiousness are a temptation. What do you do? I know that the Christian life is about putting off the bad and putting on the good. Thats all good and well, but what does that mean, practically? If fretting is bad, than not fretting is good, (duh) but what do you do? How does one go about controlling your thoughts? Housework is good, but not particularly mind-challenging.
Watching TV is a distraction, but I don't think its a worthy one.

Another book I purchased in the US was "The prayer that changes everything" by Stormie Omartian. I have read several of her other books, and I though this was going to be a re-hash of the same. It was very good and the basic premise of her book is that praise is what changes everything. It honors God and it changes our outlook. This book is coming in the container that is on the ship as I write. Please pray that it will arrive with no problem and with as little as expense as possible.

I realize now what a sheltered life I had growing up. What a blessing! Children shouldn't have to deal with fretting. I shouldn't either, I should have enough faith. But how conceited of me to think that I should have nothing to learn! And next year, it's be something else! Praise the Lord! He thinks I am worth teaching!

BTW, the Oswald Chambers reading that I "randomly" chose yesterday was the July 4 reading. Check it out! If you dont have the book, its online.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Do not fret

So, I was fretting today about a situation that, like many, is totally beyond my control, and yet affects me directly. Don't you hate those? I am a can-do kinda gal, and I don't like feeling out of control.
My daily Bible reading was good as always, but didn't address my current "issues" like it often does when I need a boost. So, here we are, mid-afternoon and I was fretting. I sat down on my bed and reached for good old Oswald Chambers' "My Utmost....". I had already read today's reading, so I just randomly opened the book. The first title I read was "Do no fret". ?!?!? Talk about getting a boost from the Lord!
I guess I can't control the situation, but I can control my reaction to it!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

So, what do missionaries do?

Well, to sum it up, we work with people. We share the Gospel, which you'd think they'd be happy to hear. Not usually. People all over the world think that they are OK. The same approach, that is getting people to understand that they are sinners, in need of God's forgiveness, is the same world over.
Once someone reaches the point where they understand their need for salvation, then begins the work of growing spiritually. Here we are at a great disadvantage, because we must start from the very beginning. Even basic things like lying and stealing must be addressed. Regular Church attendance is a foreign concept, since they were raised to go to church once in a while.
Of course, teaching isn't enough. We must also be patient, because they will only grow when they want to, not when I want them to. We must also let the Holy Spirit work. After all, if He's not doing the work, we are working in vain.
This process is defferent in every single person. Some grow quickly, some never grow. Some must be dealt with gently, sometimes a little "tough love" is necessary.
Often I wish there was a gauge by which to measure our successes or failures, but there realy isn't. Numbers alone are not a very accurate gauge.
Of course the only true measure for success in the ministry is this. Have I been faithful? If the answer is Yes, then we have been successful.

8 things Meme

Sarah invited me to share 8 new things about myself. I am having a hard time figuring out something interesting to write!
Here we go.
1. While I know that housework is important and a noble job, I really don't like doing it!
2. I have two different colored eyes.
3. I don't like tomatoes or avocados.
4. I cannot watch violent movies. I tried to watch "The Patriot"..... Nope, not even that one.
5. I like old Disney music and movies, in that order. The older, the better.
6. I cannot stand to watch "Little House on the prairie" I love the books and find the show to be sappy and awful. If I have to see Michael Landon cry one more time...........!
7. I have never received a traffic ticket.
8. I don't drink coffee. (weird, I know)

There you have it. That's 8 absloutely irrelevant facts about myself.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Money Matters

I have been reading Mary Hunt from Debt Proof Living and Dave Ramsey. Both are Christians and both were terribly into debt.
I haven't done any of their seminars or bought their premium content on the web because, frankly, I can't see spending money to learn how to get out of debt when I'm not in debt! I am interested in their money savings ideas, but when you're not in control of the family's finances, what-s the point?

Here's my opinion. Debt is bad (nothing new, I know) But its also a heart issue. Its a faith issue, Its a contentment issue. People get into debt when they buy stuff they cannot afford and didn't wait for God to give it to them or save up for it. No matter whose program you use to get out of debt, you still need to address the issues that got you into debt in the first place! Cutting up the credit cards you abused is a start, but that doesn't take care of the root of your problem.

We are in the savings part of money management, but this is where DH and I don't see eye to eye. Oh well.

I can't cut coupons because they don't have coupons here. I can't have a garage sale, 1. because they don't do that here, and 2. I cannot sell my junk to people who can barely afford to eat! We can't stop eating out, because we don't eat out! I make most of my food from scratch already.
What's left is contentment, that is not buying stuff. The best way to save money is not to spend it! (profound, I know!) This will also help me tame the Clutter Monster and Flylady will cheer!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We were supposed to be in Argentina!

Every year, for the past 4 years, we have vacationed in Argentina at this particular time of year. Yes, the week after the annual Bill Smith conference, we pack up the car and head over the Andes into the foothill country of southern Argentina. We spend about a week in a cabin, thankful that the prices dropped after school started 2 weeks ago. We eat delicious Argentine beef and yummy fresh pasta. We visit Bariloche and go bowling and ice skating. We visit the chocolate factory. We head down to our favorite mountain town, El Bolson and rest and relax.

This year, it was not to be. And I am having Contentment Issues.
Does it surprise you that a missionary could have Contentment Issues? Shouldn't missionaries just be thrilled to have a house with plumbing? We'll you're right. I should. I should be thrilled and thankful. So should you. We all should, but we aren't as thankful as we should be. At least I am not, don't know about you!

Well, there's always next year!

John Newton

John Newton wrote hymns. Do you know why he wrote them? To teach doctrine, of course! Yep, when he was preparing his sermons, he knew that he needed some way to drive the lesson home. So he would write a hymn that illustrated the teaching.

Interestingly, his most famous hymn was not popular in his homeland, but in mine. And "Amazing Grace" became popular first among the slaves. Isn't that ironic that a song written by an ex-slaveship captain should be an anthem among those he hurt. Of course they probably had no idea at the time who wrote the song!

Grace is what allows a slaver to become a slave for Christ. Grace is what allows me to breathe! Grace is what allows horrible situations and unfairness to be redeemed for His glory and purpose. And it is truly Amazing!

Wedding gown update and dollar scare

The Bride of the Year went to the city yesterday, and visited the one and only bridal shop in a town of a half a million.
Good news, they don't sell ready-to-wear dresses, you pick a model and they sew it up for you! That means that Bride got herself the coveted 3/4 length sleeves and no worry about showing cleavage. And the thing is only going to cost 150.o0 dollars. Hooray! Not that this has a thing to do with me, but she is my own daughter in the faith, and I am happy for her.

Now, here is where we must put our money (literally) where our mouth is. the dollar has continued to drop reaching 10-year lows. That means that we have 40% less buying power than we had 5 years ago. 40%!!!!!!
WE BELIEVE that God is faithful.
WE BELIEVE that God will provide.

OK, we might panic and little, and we might complain a little, but it will be wrong to do so, and we will repent and never do it again.

Waiting for the Rapture,

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I just don't know

Seems really interesting how everybody knows that they are right about everything. Good, godly people say thus-and-such is good and right and other equally godly, good people say something different. Birth School or no Sunday School.

We must be very careful when we take a stand about something. We can and should take a stand about things we feel passionate about, but we must remember a few things.

1. If I am right, my attitude towards those who disagree with me must also be right, that is a loving attitude

2. On issues that are not clearly defined in Scripture, I must be willing to open to the fact that I might be wrong.

I don't need to be right about everything.. I don't need to know everything. Sometimes I just don't know.

John Newton's Wife

I read a biography of John Newton, "From Disgrace to Amazing Grace".

What a great story! Truth is more amazing than fiction, and it doesn't get any more amazing than the life of John Newton. God's grace is evident in his life even though Newton was engaged in horrific ungodliness. How God brought JN to Himself is a testament to His mercy.

Anywho, one of the interesting bits of his life, is that he fell in love at 18 or 19 with a 13-year-old girl, who he eventually married. He loved her and she loved him to what seems like an absurd degree. They both feared that they were idolizing one another to the point of being sinful! The author makes a few mentions to that fact that JN's wife was in no way his intellectual or spiritual equal and seemed surprised that Newton should be so enamored with her.

What the poor author doesn't understand is that Mrs. Newton must have been exactly what JN needed and wanted in a wife, and that had nothing to do with intellect or spirituality. Seems that he wanted and needed an adoring wife, and he got one!

Does that mean that a good wife is an adoring ditz? No, it just means that a good wife is an adoring, loving wife, and that could make up for any other deficiencies she might have. I don't know. It takes all kinds. I just thought that JN and wife made quite an interesting couple, to say the least.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stepping Heavenward

Yep, I read it! It wasn't an easy read, and I need to read it again. It was very convicting. Seems that wives from every age go through the same things. The same misunderstandings and the same hurt feelings.

I sometimes wish that life were easier or that the Lord would just take us home. But of course, that wouldn't serve His purpose, which is to mold us and purge us of everything that is bad for us.

What I think we all have a hard time understanding is that God is purging us for our own good.

I once heard a friend preach a sermon about tithing, and he said " I tithe because its helps me!"

The inevitable trials and tribulations are for our own good. I know this theoretically, its the practice I'm having a hard time with.

What's up?

I have been looking at wedding gowns (I almost wrote "weeding gown" who needs a weeding gown?) for Sandra, who is going to be married next month. Hallelujah! We are a modest bunch and Sandra is more modest. She even has a hard time with short sleeves! (by personal choice) She is looking for a modest, long-sleeved gown. So what's with all the strapless gowns? At every single website, 95% of the gowns have been strapless, bosom-y affairs. When I got married, all the gowns had puffed sleeves, now we can't even find a sleeve!

Sorry, just needed to rant a while!
Its so much fun to be involved in wedding plans!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Waiting, revisited

The Lord has spoken! After waiting uneasily on the Lord, He has finally showed me His will in the matter that I am concerned about. He answered my prayer. Not in the way that I wanted, but now I see that it is the way it must be. God graciously allowed me independent confirmation from not one, but two sources. I am sleeping better now, although there is still much to wade through. There will be a few more tense moments. I am praying even now that God will deliver us from any such moment.

I hope I am not too dissapointing to the Lord for my lack of faith. I do not like for my faith to be tried!!!!!! I am now waiting to see God's hand move miraculously in this situation and for Him to be glorified in His Church.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Modesty and shamefacedness, revisited

Don't mean to harp on a controversial subject, but I can't help myself!
When an unsaved journalist is more honest than many Christians, its time to take notice!
Today on, there is an article about Hannah Montana. I have never seen an episode, but I have seen her photos all over the place.

Here's a link to the article, and below is a quote.
"The virginity shtick, which is overrated, is also pretty insincere. Either that or it's as confused as a hot dog with frosting. There is one point to dressing sexy: to attract sex partners. Anyone who says otherwise is in a losing argument with Mother Nature. "

We need to be more and more modest about our dress! All (ok, alot of) the 'tween girls in the US want to dress and act like Hannah Montana.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I blog

I have to admit, I don't know. I love reading others' blogs. So many talented people! Frugal living, home management, parenting, Christian living, you name it. Now, I do all those things, but I am not an expert at any of it. I've been on the mission field since I was 11, but I'm not an expert at that either. In fact, when I read Jungle Mom, I feel totally inadequate as a missionary! We have no big bugs, snakes, piranhas, dugout canoes or huts.

I guess I blog because I need all of you, those I know, those I don't know. Those blogs I visit everyday and those I visit once in a while. You challenge me, encourage me, sometimes you outrage me! But at least I know that there are others like me, imperfect, who need to connect. You encourage me in the Lord. Thank you

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting on the Lord

I have heard about "waiting on the Lord" for all my life. I've even told people to wait on the Lord. But you know what? Its not quite the same when you yourself are in a position where you must wait upon the Lord.
Wait..........upon..........the Lord

I have been bombarded lately by God telling me to wait quietly. Listen in the silence, in the darkness. Wait. Truthfully? I'm not doing to good. I want to TALK! I want to ask counsel, but I feel that God is leading me to be quiet and let Him do the talking and the counseling.

I am in a position to have to believe God. Believe that He can do what I cannot. Oh, Ok, so this is what it means to live by faith. Ouch.
God will do what I cannot as long as I do not interfere.
Lord, I believe, thou my unbelief!

"Then darkness fled" by Stephen Mansfield

Mom got me this book for Christmas. She knows that Booker T Washington is a hero of mine. I read his book "Up from slavery" in school.
Three years ago, she gave me a book about BT Washington and George Washington Carver. I didn't like that one very much, because it seemed to paint Washington in quite a negative light.

This one I like very much. It seems honest about faults without being entirely negative. It also explained why some at the time didn't like Washington and considered him a traitor to their cause.

What I appreciate about Washington was his Christian character that he displayed in the face of unfairness, and irrational prejudice. I also greatly appreciate that fact that he encouraged those around him to better themselves through hard work and diligence, something I lack at times. Here's a quote: "The cleaning of rooms had a great deal to do with forming one's character"

Here's another about the real and the artificial: "We shall prosper in proportion as we learn to draw the line between the superficial and the substancial, the ornamental gewgaws of life and the useful"
How's that for our materialistic age?

I weep for those who endured slavery and for those who endure bigotry today. I also know that even in the darkest places, and the most unfair circumstances, God is there. And He can make things right and His grace can be sufficient.

I truly enjoyed this book and will continue to do so for a long time.

Monday, February 25, 2008


This is a topic that comes up too often in my life because I realize that I am not submissive by nature.
Here are a few things that I have learned, and am still trying to practice.
Submission sometimes means that I don't give my opinion, not even with a sigh or a face. If DH wanted my opinion, he would have asked. I say this because I am so opinionated.

Submission is true submission only when I disagree. Otherwise, I'm not submitting, I'm agreeing. Its true submission when he's wrong. Ahh, there it is! the hardest thing in the world to do! This hit me like a ton of bricks!

Now, you can say that a woman has the right to make her opinions known.
Well, yes and no. I say, follow the Spirit's leading when and if you want to make your opinion known. If you have been prudent in the past, I'm sure your Dh will appreciate your imput. If you have been like me, once he learns that you can shut up, he likes it!

Of course this has been a hard lesson and a long process which I am still in.
Once I win this battle with self, I'll let you know how it went!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another book

I bought "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham. Wonderful, of course. Even though I don't like the idea of family integrated worship, I agreed wholeheartedly about most of the book.

Several other well-known bloggers have reviewed this book, which talks about the importance of family, namely the father, in the evangelization and discipleship of children. Naturally, I agreed, but what I felt was missing is what to do if the husband doesn't take the spiritual leadership. If a woman reads about how important her husband is in the spiritual growth of her children, it would be discouraging to see him not fulfill that role, and out of place for her to take that leadership role. So, to me, its a book meant for men to read.

I rarley see a man take full charge of his family's spirituality, so what's a woman to do? Taking the leadership herself will backfire. When her kids see her in a spiritual leadership position apart from her husband, they will not be seeing the submission they need to see. Here's where I take a Sovereign God at his word. I believe that if I what is right, my God will make up for the deficiencies of others around me. God promises to reward faithfulness. I know that God will protect the children of faithful women. I have to believe that! If not, women would be desperately trying to make their husbands "spiritual", for the sake of the children. And we all know that you cannot "make" someone spiritual.

The book is great, I'd give it to young men for a wedding gift!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Things are getting back to "normal"

If there is such a thing! After our furlough, the Church seemed a little "limp" Things have begun to pick up and we are grateful for that. We're still trying to get our attendance back up to where it was, but being the middle of Summer isn't helping much!

We had a bit of a dissapointment. During our furlough, big money was raised to buy a building for our mission church in Mafil. We were so happy! We made a verbal agreement with the owners of a large house, right on the Plaza in Mafil. Then, a few days later, we received a call saying that others had come and made an offer of 22,000 more than we had offered and that they were going to take the other offer! Now, we know that all things work together for good and that God is sovereign. And we don't that if God doesn't want us to have that house, we for sure don't want it. Still, we had our hopes up and are a little dissapointed. Its back to square One, but at least this time, we've got the money!

I covet your prayers. Pray for me and for other missionaries you know.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

family integrated worship

I am curious about FIW. At our church, we take the little ones out so that people can listen up and pay attention. Those who advocate FIW say that you must train your children to sit through a service. That's all good and well, but what about immature Christians in your church who have no idea about child training? What about visitors? It takes one fussy child to take people's attention off the preaching and onto the baby.
I am curious to see FIW in practice rather than read about it in theory. Anybody see it work?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Wifely advice

Last year I shared with you about a young woman in our Church who was going through a time of temptation to date an unsaved man. We prayed, pleaded, advised, and waited on the Lord. This young woman who is a dear friend to my family, came through the trial shaken, but unblemished. She was a little uneasy, seeing no man in our Church her age that she liked.
Well, wouldn't you know that while we were in the US, God brought back an old beau of hers, "all growed up" and mighty keen on getting her back.
Long story short, he has asked for her hand and she and her parents have accepted.
So now, I have been gleefully dishing up all my wifely advice, thank you Debi Pearl! Thank you, Mama!

I was talking with DH about marriage advice a few months ago and told him that my basic philosophy now was that a wife need to provide "good ministry (wink, wink) and good food" He looked at me, cocked his head while he thought about it and said, " you need to teach that at the ladies meetings!" Could it be that simple? No, not really, but its a good start!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

I got to meet Sis Julie!

Now that I have the time, I'll tell you all about it. We were going to be in Birmingham AL, headed to Florida. I told my DH that we could easily swing through the Atlanta area so that I could meet my friend. He agreed, so I contacted Sis. Julie. We would be there the Wed. right before Thanksgiving. I don't know what she was thinking, but I knew that we were in for a treat! She is exactly as she seems to be on her blog, a woman passionate about her Saviour. Our families hit it off at once. Julie's girls are several years older than my 12-year-old, but they were great with her! She felt so special having the "big girls" paying attention to her. They even taught her to crochet, and she's doing quite well. My little Ronnie and her big Ronnie are quite similar. All Boy. Of course now her Ronnie's "all growed up" since he married his sweetheart, Jessica, which we also got to meet. We enjoyed worshiping with them at their Church. Sis. Julie's husband kindly invited us to his Mom's for Thanksgiving dinner. We gratefully accepted and had a wonderful day where we felt like part of the family. Pastor Brown's folks are sweet folks, too. I don't think that I could explain to a non-believer just how easy it is to become friends with other believers. We are family and there's no other way to explain it.
I'm honored to have Sis. Julie as a friend.

Oh the books I've read!

Here in Chile I don't often get new books. So the time I spend in the US, I get books! I didn't get too many because books are so expensive. I just love buying books on Ebay or Amazon, used.

Anyway, I bought a few that were a real blessing to me.

The first was "Me, myself and Bob" by Phil Vischer, creator of VeggieTales. Now, I happen to love the wacky-doodle humor of Veggie Tales. Its not for everybody, but I love it! So I was really interested in this book. I found it on sale for 4.95 (yeah!) and started reading. I read about Phil's life, and how he created the talking, bouncing, limb-less veggies and why they don't do any stories about Jesus.(His mama told him that he should never portray Jesus as a veggie. Makes sense to me!) It was a great read. I laughed out loud many times. Then I started reading how he eventually lost BigIdea, his company. I was devastated! Then I marvelled as I read how that he began to see God's hand wooing him into a place where there was only God and Phil. Where being a Christian was about being and not just doing. Being in Christian service myself, I can totally relate. Its a trap we all fall into, thinking that its our service that matters to God. Service should flow out of a life that is in a vibrant relationship with Jesus. If you've got that relationship, you've got everything. If you don't, you have absolutely nothing, no matter how much "service" you're doing for God.

I desire to be in that place of close relationship and stay there, abide there.
There is nothing else.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm back!

In Chile, that is. We returned on the 16th of January. I just got internet a few days ago, so I 'm just now getting caught up on everyone.

We had an amazing furlough. We travelled everywhere and the Lord blessed in a mighty way. We were showered with love from everyone. We made new friends and enjoyed sweet fellowship with old friends. I love the Family of God! I love worshipping with friends. I love being prayed for.

It was also great coming home. We are starting camp week. Please keep us in your prayers.

I can't wait until I have some time to blog peacefully. I have so much to share!

Keep the Son in your eyes!