Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My budding Photographer

Eileen offered to take some photos to remember Sandra's pregnancy. They were very happy and best of all, they are going to pay her! This was her first photography job, and hopefully not her last.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nanny.....or Mommy

I was looking for exercise videos, but I found this.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Shower, part 2

Just a few shot of all the ladies there.

Baby Shower, part 1

We had a blast at the shower last night. Here is the gift table. She recieved a bunch of nice things. We also played a few shower games. Here we were given a pregnant lady to dress. My team won, but no thanks to me, I just glued the stockings and shoes on!
To eat, we had a salad bar. But, for fun, we had a salad contest. The winning salad waqs the "Bib" salad, below, to the left. My favorite was this one, the "bottle" salad.

Here was another finalist. Don't you jsut love the sculpted red pepper?

The big winner!

After the salad, we had corn chowder that I had made, and rolls. It was dee-lish!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

A cake and a wedding

We are having Sandra's baby shower tonight. I, the non-crafty type decided to spread my wings outside my comfort zone with a diaper cake! I hadn't done one before, but it was easy!

Last week, we headed down to the Civil Registry to witness the marriage of Eduardo and Nancy, a new couple in our church. They have been together for over five years, but wanted to make things right before God and country. Here am I, along with Mom and Pati, who dubbed us "Charlie's Angels"

And here's the happy couple!

Weddings and babies, it just doesn't get any better than that! How are we doing Bro. Voddie?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Truth is truth...

whether you believe it or not.

I was recently reminded that not all Americans believe in my God. That is quite true. But here's what I believe. God is God whether you believe in Him or not. He is not just my God, He is THE God. He is not just a deity figure that we have chosen, out of our primitve need to "worship" something. He is the Creator, the Almighty. He has made a beautiful that we still have not managed to mess up completely. He keeps us alive. He keeps meteors from smashing into us. He even steps in sometimes and rescues us from ourselves.

No one can see gravity, but you'd be foolish to walk aff the edge of a cliff. And, what's that you are breathing? And how did it get here? And what keeps it here?

This is not to open a discussion, its just my affirmation of some of what I believe about God.
If you choose to not believe in God, that is your choice. But don't say that you weren't warned!

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Looking Back, Money Managing

Michele posted some vintage videos that are quite interesting. I had seen this one a while back, and although it seems corny now, the advice is sound. To top it off, its fun to watch! It is incredible seeing how much things have changed in the past 60 years.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

You think I'd be used to this by now

I know that most of you are enjoying a long, warm summer. Lucky you. Its winter here. Cold, dark, damp winter. And because we are so far south, winter is long. You think that I would be used to this by now, but I obviously am not, or it wouldn't phase me at all.

Note to self.
Wardrobe planning: Buy winter clothes.
I have a pretty evenly distributed wardrobe, but the truth is that the weather here is most definitely not evenly distributed. Its cold most of the time. Even in the dead of summer, I have to wear a sweater over my summery dresses.

Note to future missionaries. Check Accuweather before you confirm your calling!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The seasons of life

It is so important to recognize your season,and I'm not talking about your colors! (although I am a Winter)
I am thinking about the newlywed season, the new mama season, the older mama season, etc. Having a baby in the house after 10 years brings you back to the new mama season really fast. Its been over a year since I slept through the night, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. But, this second time around, I realize that it is indeed just a season, and soon will be over. Vanessa turned 8 months old yesterday. She will be a toddler before I am ready for it!
The sad thing is that I see some of the first time mommies at church discouraged and tired. They don't even want to think about another baby because they are so ready to be done with this season.
It really helps to understand that seasons do end, for better or for worse. I'll be glad if I live this season to the fullest. Both the baby season and the teenager season. I am cautious but not afraid. And when its all over, there will be new seasons, the granny season and the "empty nest"season. All these seasons are beautiful in their own way. Do you know that I would hate to live in a tropical area with discernable seasons? I love the Fall. I see the stark beauty of Winter. I see the new life of Spring. I try to tolerate Summer's heat. But the truth is that you can't have one without another. They, like the seasons of our lives were given to us by a wise and loving God.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

I had to post this for posterity!

Vanessa's court Jester from Rhonda Arias on Vimeo.

We're done!

All's over but the shouting (and decorating) Here's how it looked before. Here's a shot of my former dining area and front door.
Here's the new area along with the new paint and window

we switched the living and dining areas. I also got new "carpet" (not to be confused with American carpet) but very nice for us. We also replaced the ceiling. It looks great. The color on the walls is Red Tomato by Sherwin Williams.
On the other wall is Honey Blush, also by SW. I want to paint a Scripture as a border, but we haven't decided on a verse.

For Kristina, the bride

The day of your wedding is coming up soon, and I know that you and your family must be terribly excited and working feverishly to get it all done it time. Godly weddings are beautiful to witness, and I am sure that yours will be very special to behold. However, soon you will find that you married a human being with faults and "issues" that you might not have seen before. Also, you may become aware of faults and issues in yourself that you didn't realize you had. So, as a wedding gift, allow me to share 15 years worth of experience. I won't be writing of my (our) strengths, but of my weakness that I am (we are) overcoming.

1 Allow you husband to be human, to make mistakes.

I often tried to "protect" and "help" my husband by telling him about his mistakes. This is not my job, unless he specifically asks for it. This is the job of the Holy Spirit. Yes, you may suffer the consequences of his mistakes, but you must trust God to protect you. You will find yourself in a heap of trouble if you try to "help" the Holy Spirit do His work. Of course, you are probably reading this, thinking, "What on earth is she talking about? Josh is a great guy, and his faults are miniscule" If that is so, Praise the Lord!

2. Focus on your position as Help Meet. He is not there to help you in your ministry, you are there to help him to fulfill his vision. Serve God by serving Josh graciously.

3. Be pleasant. During a Christian courtship, a couple rarely spends a great deal of time together. So, you can be pleasant the whole time. When you start to live with someone, 24 hours a day, its hard to maintain a pleasant demeanor all the time. However, its extremely important to be pleasant and smiley.

4. Spend the time you have before the babies come making yourself into an expert homemaker. This means housekeeping, cooking and home economy. Also, prepare yourself spiritually and practically for motherhood. Read good books and websites, but learn to not waste your time. Also remember that being a good wife and mother is a life-long process, start soon and never quit learning and improving.

These are just a few things I am working on.

May your journey be a fabulous one! It is my prayer that people will look at you two and rejoice at seeing a marriage the way God intended. Blessings!