Saturday, April 29, 2006

I don't know everything! What a relief!

I am not really a talented person. I can sing, but not impressively so. I am not an athlete. You get the point. But I did think that I was smart. I got good grades. Knowledge is good thing. But it can also lead to pride, and then to the terrible realization that I really don't know everything.
I read once that the most humbling thing in the world is to realize that you are average. I am terribly average, and yet I longed to excel.

Now, I realize that I will never be a great singer, writer, artist, anything. But I can excel. I can excel in my prayer life. I can excel as a wife and mother. I can excel in humility (is that possible?)

I used to want to excel to be noticed. Unfortunately this desire still exists. I must surrender this desire to God. God wants me to excel "behind the scenes" so that all the glory is for Him. It must please Him when I admit that I don't know everything. He's probably thinking, "Now shes beginning to learn!"

Thank you God for noticing me.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Being a Missionary Kid

I grew up as a missionary kid. And I have heard and seen it all. I have seen MKs that do not consider themselves Americans. I have seen MKs that feel like strangers in a strange land years after their arrival. I have seen the obedient and well-adjusted and I have seen the rebellious.

I would like to say that I felt that God wanted me to be a missionary. Not when I grew up, but then and there. God knew who my folks were, and He knew who I was. If He had called them, then certainly he had called me.

Are you raising MKs? Let’s discuss it!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Friday, April 21, 2006

Created to be his Helpmeet

In all my surfings on the Web, a terrible waste of time, I know, I realize that many of our sisters in Christ have read this book. It would seem that either you love it or you hate it.
I loved it! Let me tell you why.

First of all, being married to a Command Man is no easy matter. Being a Command Woman myself makes it even worse. It seems that somewhere along the way, some women whose husbands were in the ministry, were taught a unique way of being a helpmeet. They were taught to prod and nag, (called “reminding”) so long as the job got done. They were being his helpmeet. They told their husbands what they thought of his sermon, not the contents, but the style, grammar, etc. They also let him know quite firmly when they disagreed with his doctrine or convictions. They felt that this was their duty. Now I am not saying that we cannot disagree, or tell him that we disagree, but we can say that it all has to do with your tone.

Debi Pearl had me pegged. I felt convicted throughout the whole book. Things have changed and are changing still. DH likes the changes!

Now, I know that the book is not inspired, but it helped me. You may need something entirely different. You’re probably not the I-know-more-about-the-Bible-than-you-do kind of gal. I trying to get that “You’re doing it wrong” look off my face. This is a real chore for someone as opinionated as myself!

There you have it….me in all my “glory”

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do what you're told!!!!!

I have two kids, a 10 year old, Eileen, and a 7 year old, Ronnie. You know what kids are like, you tell them to do something, and how, and send them off. They come back later and try to explain why they couldn't do it. Then you ask them how they tried to do whatever, and they go on and on....... and then you realize that they were not doing it the way I you said.

So, I will not go on and on about the shape of my house. I got onto and read (again)
The most important routine for FLylady is the BeforeBed routine.

Here I go. I'm going to turn off the computer and start writing down things that need to be done before I go to bed, to make my own BeforeBed routine.

I like the sound of routine better than schedule.

What does God want?

It seems that on the internet, one meets all kinds of folks. I a few short weeks, I have virtually "met" mid-tribbers, post-tribbers, ladies who dress modestly (no pants, ect.) and ladies who dress doubly-modestly (must wear a jumper o vests) It seems that in this category these ladies also wear veils or headcoverings. I have also met ladies who wear pants and "modest" bathing suits. ( I don't know what they mean) I have also had the "priviledge" (some mild sarcasm here) of "meeting" a "brother" who seems to have a ton of time to surf websites probably intended for ladies only.. He also likes to pipe in and give us his two liberal cents. OK, sarcasm over.
What does God want? He wants us to be kind. He wants us to be modest and feminine. And have a great attitude and loving demeanor.

Here's the deal, let's listen to one another. I'll listen to you with an open mind and heart. You listen to me with and open mind and heart. We'll both listen to God. We'll talk to our husbands.
I will not call you a liberal, and you won't call me a legalist. If you wear a headcovering, I won't laugh.
I'm sure satan is having a heyday with all the arguing going on online. Lets not give him the satisfaction OK?

In Love,

What is my motivation?

I realize that in order to do something well, there must be some kind of motivation. Why do I want to be a better housekeeper? Why do I want to be a better wife?

I learned a verse in School, "Whatsoever thine hand findeth to do, do it with might."
We should, of course do things just because we should, but we don't.

God is truly gracious. He gives us work to do, but it is all for our own good. If I am a good housekeeper, I will reap the benefits of having a pleasant, peaceful home. If I am a good wife, I will be happier and so will he, and so will the kids.

One of the negative aspects of the culture in which I live, is the idea that parents and mothers especially, must do all for the sake of the Children. The kids eat first. The money is for the kids. Mother's time is first and foremost for the kids. As you can imagine, this wreaks havoc with most marriages here.

God's way is truly best, and not at all "hard." Our way is hard, and usually ends very badly.

Sometimes I grumble inside, feeling overburdened. This, of course, is wrong. But now that I actually wrote it down, I can see just how ugly it really is!

Phillipians 2:14
Do all things without murmurings and disputings.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Boy, do I feel inadequate!

I have been reading a few blogs of other Christian ladies and I feel worthless!
I don't do crafts. I'm not a dazzling housekeeper. I can't paint. I'm not a writer.

This blog is going to be incredibly helpful to improve myself.

One thing I am trying to figure out is the whole "schedule" thing. I am a missionary. Missionaries must be flexible. I can sleep just about anywhere. We have something different going on every day of the week. Americans on schedules usually don't do very good on the mission field. This is not an excuse, and I am not whining. I just need to figure this out. My kids need structure. I need structure. I am not so sure as to how to do that!


My Bible reading

As you can see, I didn't list the Bible in my favorite book list.
There is a reason for that. I cannot list the Bible as just another book. Its not. It is God's Word. I do not believe in supernatural manifestations of God. No dreams, or Voices. Especially no angels.
What I do believe in is the Bible. God uses His Word to speak to me, to teach me, and to comfort me.

I was saved as a small child. (Yes, I believe that this is possible) As I grew as a person, I grew as a Christian. I struggled through most of my teens and twenties with regular Bible reading. Yes I knew that I must read the Bible, but I had no structure and it showed in many areas of my life.

Several years ago, Mom gave me the One Year Bible. Each day's reading gives me some Old Testament, New Testament,Psalms and Proverbs. It has been incredible.
I thank God for being so patient with me.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Why this blog?

Of course it seems incredibly egotistical to journal so everyone can see. But I realize that, more than journaling, it is communication. I have started reading and commenting on other's blogs, but I am always a visitor. Now I would like to play "hostess".

I realize that this blog may just be for me and my thoughts.

At any rate, here I go.


Sunday, April 16, 2006