Friday, September 12, 2008


Our terribly long building project was finally coming to an end. There were details, to be sure, but only a few "biggies". One, the flooring in the main auditorium, and two, the black iron fence.
This week, the men laid tile where it was supposed to go, and today, they were going to lay the carpet. My DH would not be there today, as he had a dentist appointment in the city. While we were waiting at the dentist, he got the call. You see, our church is heated with an airtight, wood burning stove. They had been keeping a fire going to continue drying the newly-laid cement.
Well, Miguel spread the glue to lay the carpet and after a while, the fumes from the glue caught fire. It didnt cause any structural damage, as our building is brick, but the smoke blackened everything. The ceiling will have to be covered with plaster again, and painted, as will the walls,
after we ladies have washed off as much soot as possible. The guys that were there are pretty shaken, as the flames grew quickly. We praise God that none of the men were injured in any way, and that the damage was minimal. Neil brought the electrician over to check the newly-installed wiring. We are going to have to replace some light fixtures and the like.
So, the building project continues. I am sorry, for Neil doesnt know how to pace himself. He works himself ragged, then gets sick. We have visitors from the US coming next week, and we had hoped to have all this done by then. I know it does not really matter, the visitors will not care. But we will. Oh well, at least every one is OK


A few years ago, we received a visit from an American pastor. We discussed many issues. He told us that he believed that the sign of a mature Christian was balance. I nodded my head, but I remember thinking "Compromiser!" But as I see different Christians openly judgemental at other Christians for having Sunday School, for example. I realize that we need to step back and reconsider our actions. Other Christians have ideas different from mine, not sinful, but different. Why should I care? Why do we feel the need to expose them and make them know just how wrong they are?

Also, are my positions extreme? Some people think so. What am I to do, change my convictions so as not to appear extreme? Well, I don't think so. What I must do though, is behave myself in such a way as to not appear that I feel spiritually superior to anyone because of my standards or positions.

I need to ask God to show me if I am really pleasing Him, or just trying to show off, by making someone else look unspiritual compared to me. For, who is to say that I am more spiritual?

Who tries the hearts? Who knows? God does! And he commands me to mind my own business to "work out my own salvation with fear and trembling". If some Christian sister seems unconcerned about certain behaviors, I should pray for her, that the Holy Spirit would direct her as He sees fit. Now, if she asks my opinion, I will not hesitate to give it, but unsolicited advice is rarely heeded, never appreciated. Do I have a duty to tell her what I think? Nope. Even in my own Church, among my own ladies who look to me for guidance, I am careful. I only say what I feel I need to say, if I think that she is ready to hear it. If not, I wait.

Now, balance is something I look for. Not compromise, but balance. The whole problem is, what is balanced? I do not know. It may all depend on my attitude. If my position makes me angry towards others or causes me to mock them or judge them, then I need to take a good long look at my position. I think sometimes we "do" things for God, without ever really asking Him about them. Even if I am doing the right things, am I doing them for the right reasons, and with the right motives? That is what I need to be concerned about. Especially before going out to "correct" someone else.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

How does a nice girl like Bristol Palin....

....from a nice family......whose parents believe in abstinence for teens.......get pregnant at 17?
I'll tell you. For the whole "abstinence" thing to work, there has to be at least 4, if not 6 people commited to it. Here goes:
1 The girl must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
2. The boy must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
3 The girl's mother must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong, and be willing to take the time and effort to make sure that her daughter is never in a situation where violating this principle is even remotely possible.
4 The girls father:ditto
5.The boy's mother: ditto
6.The boy's father:ditto

The Bible says that "a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame" Kids get into trouble when there are no adults present. Its just that simple. When both parents work, it easy for kids to fall between the cracks of parental vision. Even when mommy doesn't work, she sometimes lets her guard down.

"But I trust my daughter!" You shouldn't. God doesn't. He told you to keep an eye on her.
"I trust my son" Your son needs your guidance.
As a pastor's wife, I've heard it all. "My daughter know what she is supposed to do!" "My son would never do that!" Look, this is bigger than you or your daughter. Just "knowing" what is right or wrong in not enough! Christian young people know that they are in sin, and they are grieved by it, but thats not enough. Be prepared to do you job!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

I'm a California Girl. No matter that I haven't lived there in years, I was born there. My folks are Californians. Its who I am. I love LA! I love driving on the freeways! And that also means that I am used to earthquakes. Now, a few years back, while on furlough, we just happened to be in Milton, FL, for the arrival of Hurricane Ivan. We were not used to hurricanes. The one thing that I remember is the fact that you know, days in advance, that the hurricane is headed your way. You watch the news, you debate evacuation. You wonder if its really going to be as bad as they say. Two days before Ivan, we left Milton, FL, and headed north to Birmingham (led by God to a wonderful church) Still, the storm followed us to Birmingham, though by the time it reached us, it was only a category 1, falling to Tropical storm status. We watched the news, felt the storm bands as they arrived, paid attention to possible tornados. My DH has tornado-phobia. Then, after about 5 days of worry and concern, and 5 hours of actual storm, it was over. We survived Ivan!!!!
I'm telling you, I'll take a 3 minute earthquake any day! No advance warning, no advance worrying, and its over in a flash.
Now, I say all that to say this, I'd rather have a spiritual earthquake than a spiritual hurricane. However, God chose to send us two, simutaneously. We saw them coming, we knew that we were in for a time of uncertainty and possible loss, possibly great loss. I cannot blog in a hurricane!!!!!
But today, the storms are past, clean-up has begun. The loss was not as great as feared, and most of it can be repaired in time. Some of the damage is permanent, but for the greater good of the Lord's work here in Chile. DH and I are heaving sighs of relief and thanking God for working in our lives.