Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evangelistic campaign

We had a revival/evangelistic campaign last week. It was exhausting! The Lord worked mightily, first in our Church members. We had great turnout every night and visitors. The first three nights were focused on revival. Then, Sat and Sunday was all gospel. We had 6 people make professions of faith, two of them being particularly meaningful because we had been praying for them for years! One man Francisco Reyes (yes, Francisco is quite a popular name)
Well, we've prayed for him for 12 years. The other in Judith (pronounced Joo-deet´), we have prayed about 2 years for her.

It in not always easy for me to have guests several days in my house. I must say that hospitality is not always easy, but I do my best not to complain to DH. You see, here we cannot just put the visiting preacher in a hotel. Even if we had a hotel! Of course, my DH loves having guests, the more the merrier! I did find myself hiding out a bit more in my room. I guess my hormones have got me a bit more sensitive than normal.

It was also hard because the Preacher and I are early-to-bed people hosting late-to-bed people. Neil stayed up with them, but its a strain for both of us. I say this not to complain but to share that Preachers, Evangelists and their families are all-too-human, and aren't always as smiley inside as they are outside.

Of course its almost a sin to even mention a complaint when the Lord was so gracious as to work in our favor. Anyway, next time your Church has special services with special guests, pray for your preacher's family. They could probably use the extra measure of grace!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby News

I had the last ultrasound this morning. Little Miss Chubby is 37 weeks along, and if labor does not start naturally in the mean time, Dr. will induce labor on Tuesday, Nov 4. That will be great, as I will have my mind off the election, and on more "important" things. Trust me, my daughter will have a greater impact on my life than Obama or McCain.

We couldn't see much today, except for some mighty chubby thighs. What can I say? Thats my Baby!

We also got the bill to pre-pay. Guess how much. No, don't bother, I'll tell you. 400.00 dollars. Thats it. Nothing more. In the nicest hospital in 300 miles. Praise the Lord! The Preacher was ecstatic! He loves a bargain. He thinks we should have another baby. I said "Sure, with your second wife"

On another note, my Mom took me to have my hair done today for my B-day. I had highlights done. Took the guy 3.5 hours!!!!!!!! It looks great, but I don't want to see the inside of a salon for another year! I have never seen a more meticulous hair-dresser in my life. He did a great job on every one that came in while the lady was putting the foil in my hair. Did I mention that I look great? I'll post some baby pics next week.

We had an evangelistic campaign last week. I'll blog about it tomorrow. It was great.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little touches

In "Little Women", after Beth dies, Jo is all alone. But she finds out that housework sometimes is its own reward. I always find this passage touching and encouraging, as sometimes it seems that what we do goes unnoticed and unappreciated.

Other helps had Jo--humble, wholesome duties and delights that would not be denied their part in serving her, and which she slowly learned to see and value. Brooms and dishcloths never could be as distasteful as they once had been, for Beth had presided over both, and something of her housewifely spirit seemed to linger around the little mop and the old brush, never thrown away. As she used them, Jo found herself humming the songs Beth used to hum, imitating Beth's orderly ways, and giving the little touches here and there that kept everything fresh and cozy, which was the first step toward making home happy, though she didn't know it till Hannah said with an approving squeeze of the hand...
"You thoughtful creeter, you're determined we shan't miss that dear lamb ef you can help it. We don't say much, but we see it, and the Lord will bless you for't, see ef He don't."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marriage Blessing for Courtney

A lot of you are familiar with Courtney's Contemplations and know that she is getting married this week. I don't think she follows my blog, but just the same, I'd like to wish her a lovely wedding and a beautiful marriage.

Dear Courtney,
This is a time you and your family have been looking forward to for a long time. When I started reading your blog, "Christopher" didn't even exist, as far as you were concerned. You were waiting, being a blessing to your family. You were preparing for this time. Some questioned your convictions about dating and you aswered them sweetly but firmly. I don't know if you even had any doubts about God's plan. If you did, they didn't show. If you were rebellious to your parent's leading in this matter, it didn't show. I don't think you were, because God chose to bless you and bring to you the desire of your heart. God rewards faithfulness.

I pray that your wedding is all that you hope for. But even more, I pray that you marriage turns out even better than you ever dreamed possible. Always have a teachable spirit, and God will, through different people and events, teach you how to be a great wife. The good times will be great, and the fiery trials can bring you closer to the Lord and to each other. The children you have will have the blessing of Christian parents and grandparents. And they will be as much of a blessing and honor to you, as you have been to your mom and dad.



Prayer answered!

We found the keys!

Ronnie found them under the recliner in the living room. Hallelujah!

Does Jesus care? Oh yes, He cares, I know that he cares!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Flylady and child labor

That is how I am coping with the "nesting".

Flylady, for obvious reasons. If you are a naturally neat person, you won't understand, but if not, you know exactly what I mean. God bless her!

Now, for the child labor. I have not done well in teaching my son how to work. My DD, yes. There is more "girly" work 'round here. Anyway, we somehow discovered that DS can vacuum the living room. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but it it actually helpful to me. Also, he has to bring in the wood for the fire. He usually makes a mess. Now he can either not make so much of a mess or he can clean it up himself.

I used to feel bad making my kids do things around the house on a regular basis. I kinda feel bad the DD is doing most of the dishes. I feel guilty somehow. In all fairness, I let her choose: dishes or laundry. She picks dishes everytime.

Truth is, I am doing the right thing by teaching them how to work. Actually, its how I'm going to get through the postpartum season. I really want to do right by this baby. With my first two, we just kept moving right along, rushed and busy, dragging Baby along with us. Then we wondered why the babies always seemed to cranky. Schedule? Routine? Impossible with Babies 1 and 2. And I was frustrated and cranky myself. Whatever attitude Eileen develops with this Baby will color her feelings for babies for the future. I want her not to dread having and caring for babies.

So, we'll share the housework. Raise the Baby together. Take is easy. Enjoy this season.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby News

Well, there is no baby news per se, just "me" news. The Dr. ordered a glucose tolerance test and it came back too high. Not high enough to warrant another test, just enough to put me on a low carb diet. Yuck! I could never ever ever do the Atkins diet-Never. I just love my carbs.

I have, however, eliminated white sugar, well, any added sugars, and desserts and chocolate and white bread, and corn bread. Have I ever told you how delicious Chilean bread is?

My birthday is coming up soon and I just want to skip it. Whats a birthday without sweets? DH says he will grill steaks. Sorry, not interested. I love a good steak, but with potato salad or a baked potato, know what I mean?

Anyway. I have an appointment for a sonogram Oct 29. Then the Dr. will decide when and if to induce labor. He has decided to induce since we live so far from the hospital. Dr. doesn't want me giving birth in the car!

Blessings to you all

Monday, October 13, 2008

a rather unusual prayer request

We lost our car-house-church keys that also had the remote for the electric gate on the day of the funeral. We've looked everywhere. I know that God cares about everything that is important to us, so please help me pray that the keys would be found!



I was going over Flylady's website the other day. I don't usually, because I have the book, and I'm not always in a Flylady mood. However, "nesting" instincts have kicked in with a vengeance, so I'm into Flylady again. This time, I am enlisting the help of my 12 year old daughter. Its good training for her, and keeps me from becoming overwhelmed.

Anyway, that's not why I am writing. I am writing because I started reading the "Hey,Tom" column where women can ask Tom a question about home repair or about men in general.

Someone asked him this question about ladies and long hair that I thought was interesting. Here is his answer

Now, I am not saying that every woman has to have long hair. My own hair isn't very long. But I do know that my DH sure would like it if it was!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good times and bad, really bad times

These past few weeks have been extremely active. We had US visitors, which was great. They stayed for 10 days and we all had a great time. While they were here, I received an email from an old friend. She said that she had attended a funeral at her former Church, where we met, and had seen some of our mutual friends. It was so great to hear from her! She and her husband are involved in their Church and happy. The only thing was, I couldn't help but wonder about who had died, that would have brought my friend back to her old church. I told Mom about it, saying that I believed that it must have been someone we know. Sure enough, we soon found out that Bro. Morse had died. The Morses have been faithful in their Church for years, and have been to Chile at least twice. Bro. Morse loved missions. We were very sad and are praying for his wife and grown children.
Then, last week, we found out that our dear friend, Pastor Joaquin Hurtado, of South Gate, CA, suffered a heart attack as well. He apparently had tremendous blockage in his arteries, and if not for all the exercizing he did, would have been in Eternity now. We are happy that God has allowed him to continue here with us for a while longer. If anyone is interested, Bro. Hurtado helped to make a video about the history of the Spanish Bible, called "A Spanish Treasure".

So, one dear friend gone, one dear friend stays. Life goes on.....until tuesday morning.
Let me give you some background to this story. We have an Awana-like kids club every Sat. afternoon. A few years ago, a little boy, Francisco, started coming to club. What a disaster! He was uncontrollable. Only Pedro could handle him, so he was always on Pedro's team and on Pedro's lap during story time.
Fast forward to this year. Francisco is older, a bit better behaved. I became his Sunday School teacher a few months ago. He likes to sit next to me, and anticipate everything that I am going to say. I have to ask him if he wants to teach the class, or can I. Then he smiles and is quiet....for a while.

At kids club, we made three posters, which we read aloud every Sat. Here's what they say:
1. What must I do to go to heaven? I must recognize that I am a sinner, I must feel bad about this, and I must want to stop sinning.
2. I must believe with all my heart that Jesus is the only Savior, and that he died to pay for my sins.
3. I must ask Jesus for forgiveness, and invite him into my heart to change my life.

This past Sunday, during the morning service, Neil asked which of the children had been saved. Several raised their hands, including Francisco.

This past Tuesday morning, we recieved a phone call around 6:45 a.m. Not usual at all. I got up to answer. It was Jorge telling us that he had heard on the radio that there had been a fire at Francisco's house, and that two children had died. Neil headed over there to find out exactly what had happened, as sometimes there is misinformation. Unfortunately, it was true. Francisco and his cousin and their great-uncle died in the fire. The whole town was shaken by the news. Francisco had often bugged his folks about coming to church, but they had refused. They were encouraged by our assurance that Francisco indeed was in Heaven. The mother admitted that she had tried to go upstairs to rescue the kids, but her husband had stopped her, because she would have died as well. She said that she knew that if she had died, she wouldn't be where Francisco was. The parents allowed us to hold the funeral at our Church yesterday. The Church was packed to overflowing, (around 300) and there were hundreds outside. The club kids sang, recited Philippians 2:5-11 which was the last Scripture that we had memorized, and they recited the Gospel posters. Neil preached the Gospel and we all sang hymns. The mayor was there as were several politicians, and the press was there. Afterwards, Neil was able to lead one man to the Lord. We pray that the seed that was sown will grow in people's hearts.
Please pray for Francisco's family, that they might be saved. And please pray for Pedro. He is a fireman, and was the first on the scene at the fire. He tried to save him, but could not. I know that the sights and sounds that he heard that morning will haunt him for years to come.