Sunday, October 21, 2007

Authentic Worship

Well, I've been listening to Voddie Baucham again, this time about worship. While I do not agree 100% with what he says, I agree with a great deal about it. What I've been able to apply to my life is this definition of authentic worship. (not necessarily just music)

Authentic worship happens when I place my mind's attention and my heart's affection on God, praising Him for who He is and for what He has done.

I find this helpful because even if you have good, godly music, and I think you can and you should,
you must put your heart and mind into its . It can be singing, praying, giving, listening to a sermon, witnessing to others. That's all worship.


Tori said...

Hey Rhonda,
Don't know who Voddie Baucham is but I agree with you about praise. It does take more than just good music. Thanks for the good post.

Tori said...

Hey Rhonda,

We are in Amarillo until next Tuesday. Who are you here with, Bro. Chadwick? We're staying just north of Amarillo.

So was Palo Duro canyon worth seeing? We're thinking of going to the zoo on Friday? Been there?

Sorry for posting here, couldn't find an e-mail addy. :0)

Happymama said...

((((RHONDA)))) I've been checking your blog frequently to see if you've updated. I was so glad to see you had.

I'm thrilled that your furlough is going good so far. I know you're happy to be stateside for a while, but I'm also sure you're ready to see your church people again and wonder how they are getting along.

I did like what you shared about worship and praise. It's so wonderful to know that I can praise my Saviour any time any place. Although good music does set me in the mind of praise, I don't have to have it to praise Him. I just have to have a heart of praise.

I do believe that true worship is always in public. If you'd like to know what I mean by that, I'll elaborate. LOL