Saturday, June 21, 2008

On a break!

Sorry for just "dissapearing" like that. The pregnancy was making me crazy hormonal so my blogging was a bit hormonal. I'm better, all is well, but I'm not quite ready to blog.

About the container, well, good news is, all is here at my house. The bad news is, we can't get into the stuff. Technically its being "stored' here until Customs gives us the OK and/or charges us for the items. This could take up to 9 months!

We had to pay a lot of fees and shipping costs that were somewhat unexpected. So, lesson learned, we will never again bring down a container! Once we pay all the costs, any money saved, even on items that were given to us, well, its just not worth it.

Even though I have not been writing, I have been reading. All your blogs. Love them, check them everyday. I pray for you, especially my missionary friends, Julie, JungleMom, Susan and Tori, and Michelle.
I will be closing down comments to avoid spam. I will also try to comment more on your blogs.


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Michelle in Mx said...

breaks are a good thing. Hope your feeling well.