Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I finally figured out how to rent movies on Itunes. I have been wanting to see "Expelled" for some time.

I get so frustrated when Creationists are considered insane. The blasphemies spoken by the atheists were appalling to hear. I wanted to weep for those people! They fearlessly speak things about God that they do not understand. More and more I feel like a stranger in a strange land. We speak a different language and we have different world views. We are not welcome in this land.

Also, it was difficult to see the scenes in the nazi concentration camps and "hospitals". I cannot see those things without being horrified. The scenes haunt me. To see how torture and murder are rationalized and explained as "good" is terrifying. But just as Nazi Germany tortured and killed Jews and the weak, sick and handicapped, modern American kill babies. As a nation, we are no different. Someday, those responsible we bow before an Almighty God and beg for forgiveness, and it will be too late.

It was a good movie, for a documentary. It was not encouraging, but it did remind me about my part in all this. My work in my home, in my Church, in our town, all is useful in proclaming the Truth.

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