Friday, July 17, 2009

Baby Shower, part 1

We had a blast at the shower last night. Here is the gift table. She recieved a bunch of nice things. We also played a few shower games. Here we were given a pregnant lady to dress. My team won, but no thanks to me, I just glued the stockings and shoes on!
To eat, we had a salad bar. But, for fun, we had a salad contest. The winning salad waqs the "Bib" salad, below, to the left. My favorite was this one, the "bottle" salad.

Here was another finalist. Don't you jsut love the sculpted red pepper?

The big winner!

After the salad, we had corn chowder that I had made, and rolls. It was dee-lish!


Anonymous said...

Those salads look AMAZING!!

I must admit it seems strange to me to see you all in heavy coats. LOL (o;

Rhonda in Chile said...

It was cold last night! We did have both fires going, but people kept opening the doors to go to the kitchen. When we got out, there was a dense fog. I couldn't see more than 15 feet ahead!+

Of course we keep on, inspite of the cold!

JulieMom said...

That bib is so cute!! Such creative people!

And it's freezing here right now too. We're having an ice storm, which is unusual. Especially for South Africa!

I took pics, it looks like snow!