Thursday, February 18, 2010

Youth Camp!

In between camps we took Bro. Eldred to the famous Ojos de Caburga, an area were the river forms the most beautiful pools.

Youth camp was all about jewels and treasure. God call those who fear Him and who talk to their friends about Him as jewels. We had 4 teams, the diamonds, the emeralds, the rubies and the saffires.

Youth camp is always a time for goofy games. I didn't take pictures of the one that included pliers and nose hair. Aren't you glad about that?

Mom re-did my hat in keeping with the theme. This is my "no-makeup" look. Awful, don't you think?

Here's Mom with all the treasure. We gave out "gold" coins instead of points. Worked like a charm. You win, you get coins. You lose, you pay coins.

I found the Malachi passage to be a special blessing. It reminds us that God is listening. He is keeping a record of all that is said and done. He views us a his treasure. Fearing Him and serving Him is soooooo worth it!


Tori said...

Hey Rhonda.
Just heard about the quake. Praying that you're okay. Praying for all those effected.
The Lord must be coming soon!!!

Kristi said...

Hey Rhonda! Please let us know if you and your family are all right. Been thinking about you ever since we heard of the earthquake there.

Love and prayers!