Sunday, March 07, 2010

Earthquake relief and Blessings

There's nothing like an 8.8 earthquake to shake up a town! We had 170 people today in church! Yay!!!! We had never had 170, ever. We have also had people saved at almost every service.
We are so sad for all those who died without Christ, but we are thrilled for those who have put their trust in Christ!

Neil and a group from our Church is heading out tomorrow morning with a vanload of food and supplies for the quake victims. They will go to 5 different churches, each with different needs. Our Church has given almost 2000 dollars in food and supplies. We collected diapers, milk, cleaning supplies, noodles, beans and rice, sugar, tea and coffee. One man got his company to donate a large, 1000 liter tank to haul water. They are taking it empty, and will fill it in Chillan before heading to the disaster area. We would appreciate your prayers for their safety.
The kids and I will hold down the fort here. I will keep the kids busy with schoolwork. I am sure they will be thrilled.

God bless


Tori said...

Hey Rhonda,
So glad you guys are using this unfortunate happening to see souls saved and make a difference in lives.
Praying for safety for the men!
BTW, is Bro. Smith gone? We're expecting him here in a few weeks.

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hi Tori!
Brother Smith got back to Santiago, and a missionary from Mendoza, Argentina, came and drove him over to Mendoza so that he could get to Buenos Aires for his return flight home. If memory serves, he should be flying out of B.A. today. I'll bet he'll be glad to get home!