Monday, February 26, 2007

A great Sunday

Yesterday turned out just great. We had been in a bit of an attendance slump due to Summer vacation. But the weather is beginning to turn and people are coming back. But the best news of all is that 3 people were saved yesterday! Miriam had been attending for a while last year, but due to the fact that she cares for her mother who has Alzheimer's, stopped attending. I saw her the week of the children's festival, and she promised she'd return. She came back last night, and came forward during the invitation. She asked that her friend, Georgina, be the one to lead her to the Lord. Sounds good to me! Next, Lorena, a deaf woman who has been attending for several months now. We were told to take it nice and slow with the Deaf, and let them let us know when they were ready. Well, she was. Sandra led her to the Lord. But the best of all, my niece, Diana, was visiting us last night. She told her mom after church that she listened to her uncle preach, and she felt doubts about her salvation. So, last night, Granny led Diana to the Lord. Diana will be 9 next month.

We also had visitors from the nearby town of Mafil. Jaime and his daughter Catherine, who is deaf, came. As did Julio, and David, also deaf.

So, all in all, a great day


Mrs.B. said...

Oh how wonderful!

Carrie said...

Well Praise the Lord! Keep up the good work. The Lord is truly blessing.
I read (check) your blog daily and I am so encouraged, helped and blessed by reading your insights in the Christian life. Thank you

Happymama said...

Praise the Lord for the souls saved!!! That's what it's all about. :)



Rhonda, It is so nice to meet you and this is my first time at your blog and I have been blessed. It sounds like the Lord has been busy where you are and that is such good news about the salvation of those who were saved. Connie from Texas

Rhonda said...

Thank you for stopping by, Connie! I just spent a few minutes over at your blog. Lovely grandkids! Also, your Gospel presentation is fabulous.
God bless!

Michelle said...

Well, you know my heart leaps for joy with all the new sisters in Christ . . . and a special smile for the deaf lady! WOO HOO!

Praises all around!