Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is what I've been up to

We had a Children's Festival

Some dear brethren from the US came on a missions trip to build some cabins at the camp. They also came prepared to hold a Children's festival. The brought games and prizes and tickets. We got our people together and worked to print up and distribute invitations. We set up the booths and organized workers. We made one romm into an evangelistiv outreach. We would bring in children in small groups and show them a 5 minute gospel film. Then the pastor shared the Gospel using drawings. Then we gave them a "wordless book" bracelet and a card explaining the bracelet. We had no idea how many kids would come. I was thinking 50 or 60. We put two girls at the door to greet and take down names and addresses. We had 130 kids, plus about 20 moms, plus all the workers, about 170 all in all. We had spent all day at Church, with special teacher training in the morning, and visitation and set-up all afternoon. We started the festival at 7 and ended around 9:30. What a wild time!

Add to this that we had been at church every night for a week. I love church, but we're not used to daily services! Anyway, our friends left yesterday. We took them up to Santiago to show them around and get them on the plane. We are ready for a break!

I have been reading all the blogs, just no time to comment, and Sarah, I'm having problems commenting on your new blog. I love love love Anne, and "Windy Poplars" is my favorite!
Thanks Mrs.B for checking on me. The Lord is working in our lives.

Blessings to you all,


Anonymous said...

Oh no! I wonder why you have trouble commenting on my blog? Thanks for letting me know. I love Windy Poplars too(or 'Willows' as it is called in UK publications).

Sounds like you've been really busy!

Have a blessed weekend and some well earned rest.

Happymama said...

WOW! What that was great to have so many children and adults show up. I know it was a shock and a blessing at the same time. It looks like the children were having a good time. That's a great way to reach out to the community around you. I'm glad it was successful in getting the gospel message out.

Thanks for posting...I've been wondering where you were. I figured you were busy and I was right.


Courtney, Jer.33:3 said...

Looks like the children had a good time!! I love working with children!!

Rhonda said...

Hi, Sarah, Kristi, Coutney!

Yep, busy, busy, busy. Hoping things are going to settle into a bit of a routine.
I also prefer working with children, they seem to have less to work through!

Blessings to you!

Sis. Julie said...

Sounds like your children's festival was a huge success. I hope that souls were challenged as a result. I'm sure they were. I was beginning to wonder about you for a bit but I know how things can get hectic being a pastor's wife. Been praying for you though!!