Monday, March 26, 2007

The music seminar

Dr.Bill Smith comes to our area every year and does a pastor's seminar. This year the theme was "The Master's Music". It was very good and very thorough. I am a singer and somewhat of a musician, so obviously this was a theme near and dear to my heart.

One of the things that we were reminded of is that is that God has a preference in music. Music is not amoral. You can use music for good or for evil. Even the world knows this.
The other thing that I am reminded of is that we cannot offer to God just what we like, we must consider what He likes. For example, my dear husband likes tools. He likes to get tools as gifts. I do not. If he tries to prove to me how much he loves me by buying me tools, I will get a wee bit miffed. I would be offended that he did not take the time to find out what I liked, because, truth be told, he wanted the tools. Cain offered to God what he wanted to offer, regardless of what God wanted. God did not accept the gift. We can's just sing any old thing just because we like it.

I am amazed at how musical God is. Music is such a tremendous gift given to humans. Just another reason to show the evolutionists how rediculous evolution is. Only human being make and like music, in fact, we need it. All cultures sing, all cultures make music. Most, if not all cultures use music in their worship.

Sing to the Lord!


Michelle said...

GGGGRRRRRRRRREAT comparison about the gift giving in a husband and wife case compaired to us offering what WE want to God instead of what He wants!

Michelle said...

Hello again! Looks like you had a good time! Glad that you got away. We should have been leaving today. My grandmother died. We will stay another week for the funeral. Will head back next Tuesday. I have a blogspot. or