Thursday, June 07, 2007

Depression part 2

Let's talk about artificially altering our moods. We feel depressed, so we take a pill, and now we feel just fine! Does anyone see a problem here?

A while back, I saw a series called "The baby Whisperer". It was a series done by a baby nurse that would go into a home, and help the distraught parents learn how to "read" their baby's signals, and become better parents, and have a happier baby. She was so cool! Anyway, many times the problem was that mummy could not get baby to sleep because baby had become accustomed to a prop (pacifier or something similar) or rocking, or jiggling or something to fall asleep, then when baby would wake up in the night as babies are wont to do, they would cry and scream until their prop had been returned, or mummy rocked and jiggled again. Any way, Tracy would teach the parents that babies must learn to quiet themselves. If you constantly gave them soemthing artificial, then they could not learn to fall asleep naturally.
Yes, now and then we are going to feel depressed. Even Christians can have these feelings. But, besides the fact that we aren't depending on God to help us change our mood, we are depending on an artificial prop to feel better. Now, on the show, it took about a week for the parents and baby to get used to the new ideas. There were several sleepless nights where baby cried incessantly. But it had to done or else the child would never learn, and never be a good sleeper. In fact a know of several adults that use props to sleep, like the TV or radio. Yikes!

There are spiritual ways to combat depression. I tell you, it won't be an easy way out. But it will be a real way out. Now, some people get out of depression, and then never get into it again, and then others fall into it again. If handled spiritually, I believe that the times of depression will the shorter and less intense, just as with any temptation. Yes, depression is a temptation. A temptation to doubt God and His goodness, His sovreignty, His providence.

Let's be real folks! We don't need any artificial moods!


Julie's Jewels said...

I know I don't need any artificial moods. I have enough real moods to go around!! LOL!!

Michelle said...

I totally agree with you opinion about depression and where it starts but for the less severe bouts of it I have found a good dose of choclate cures just about anything!!

Rhonda said...

Well, chocolate is pretty good for about anything!