Monday, June 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us!

Yesterday our Church celebrated its 11th anniversary! Its hard to believe, but on June 9, 2006, we had our first service here in Lanco. It was just us, and one other person. For the first month, it was just us and one other person. But that was then. Yesterday we had about 100 people! We didn't have the reagular head-count, so I tried to do it on my own. Anyway, in spite of the cold and rain, we had a great day. We had regular Sunday School and Church (DH said it was going to be shorter than nomal, but of course it wasn't) Then we had a bid Church dinner. We ate roasted pork (not really good, if you ask me, but they loved it!) By the way, you fancy Americans mostly use paper plates, cups and utensils for Church dinners. That is unthinkable here We had dinner for about 70 and washed a TON of dishes. We all took turns, but it was still a huge job. We had several visitors that day, for which we are truly grateful. We also brought our mission Church from Mafil for the day. That was great! There were about 12 from Mafil.

We also had a visiting preacher who will most likely be the man who will cover for us when we go on furlough later this year. We had never met him before and Neil was really pleased with him.

Neil and I are headed up to Santiago tonight on the bus. We'll leave around 9, and arrive around 7 in the morning. We have to go to the US embassy for Neil to have a personal interview for a visa to travel to the USA. The USA doesn't really like to give visas out too easily, so we would greatly appreciate your prayers in this matter. The kids are going over to Granny's and they are quite excited about it!

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Julie's Jewels said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Only Heaven will reveal the impact y'alls ministry has had on that region of the world. May God continue to bless you and your family and the ministry that God has placed y'all in.