Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yep, its that time of year again. Its warm and sunny. Poor Tori is dealing with darkness at 4 pm, and here it is, 8:30 pm, and the sun still has not gone down.

Camp starts next Tuesday. We still have a lot of work to do. I am waiting for Neil to finish writing the devotionals so that I can type them up and print up the booklets.....for both youth and family camps....before this weekend. Hurry, honey, please!

The theme for this year's youth camp is "I commit to serve the Lord in 2009" Not a really catchy theme, but we are excited about the possibilities. I have made 8 posters showing ways to serve the Lord this year. During the week, they can commit to one or several. They will sign the posters publicly to announce their committment. I'll take plenty of pics and post them when I can.

For family camp, the following week, our guest speaker asked to speak about money, and Dave Ramsey's total money makeover. His view on money and debt has changed radically and he wants to share. So many Americans are in debt, but they have jobs. Here everyone is in debt and jobs are so scarce. I am really hoping that Bro. Epifani can get through top them about this important issue.
We are going to play a game all week. We are going to give them funnymoney, and a chance to earn more. They will have to "pay" for their food each meal. If they do not have enough money, they will have to work or go into debt. We are hoping to have fun, and also to illustrate what they will be learning about savings, debt, tithing, work, and trusting God.

We do have one very special prayer request. The camp, on my mom's property, is supplied of water by a no-to-good well. The well goes practically dry every summer, and this year it is nearly critical. Please pray that God would miraculously supply us with water!

My blogging may suffer over the next few weeks, but I do keep reading. God bless each of you, my friends, and you know who you are!


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting! You'll have to tell us how it goes when you get back.

Have fun! (o:

Arlene said...

I guess we should start praying for your poor fingers -- they will be worked to the bone with all that typing! :P

Our pastor tries to come up with a theme or motto for each new year; last year was "Supplicate in 2008" and this year is "I'm Thine in 2009" as a reminder to more fully dedicate ourselves to the Lord. Maybe you could use that one, if you're wanting something a little catchier :o) (or shorter to write out, lol)

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog the other day. I have had so many lovely ladies from the blogging world leave me such encouraging comments during this difficult time; they have been a great blessing to us! :o)

Carrie said...

The theme for our church this year is "Redeeming the Time in 2009". I look forward to see the pictures and hearing about all the commitments made. I am praying for water = )
Have a wonderful week.
Love & Prayers

Kristi said...

Hey Woman! Sounds like a great theme. Can't wait to see your pics!


Rhonda in Chile said...

Thanks, y'all!
Its overcast, I'm hoping for rain! Keep those prayers coming!