Friday, March 06, 2009

A frugal "lightbulb" moment

People here are so poor that they often buy things in small amounts as they can. This is, in my opinion, the most expensive way to buy things. However, it just occurred to me that, when I have a stash of something, I tend to be somewhat careless as to its use. If you only have a small amount of something, you'll use it sparingly. For example, if I have quart of dishwashing soap, I can use a large squirt. If I have a small bottle, you can bet I'll be as stingy as possible, in order to make that small amount last.

I say all this just to make it clear to me that, even though I will buy in larger amounts, I need to be more careful.

This became even clearer to me since DH bought a more-expensive liquid detergent. I thought he was nuts to do so. But I began carefully measuring instead of "eye-balling" the amount of detergent. The bottle now lasts us almost 3 month. I am thrilled.

Not exactly thrilling blogging, but it is what I've been thinking about lately, thank you Dave!


Kristi said...

Maybe not thrilling blogger, but a good reminder to all of us that being careful and frugal with what we have is also being a good steward of God's money!



Tori said...

No you're right, not too thrilling but very true and helpful.

Hey btw, I heard Bro. Smith was in Chili, is he with y'all?

We're looking forward to his arrival in a few weeks!