Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tracts do work

Michele wrote this post about sharing the Gospel. She talked about how that tracts do work.
This last week we saw the truth about this as well. Four weeks ago, a family began visiting our church. The have a 4 month old baby girl with severe heart defects. This family are neighbors to Pati and Fabian, members of our church who had invited Carlos and Josselin. But when Carlos and Josselin walked into the door, Pati was surprised to see them. Apparently, they had not accepted their invitation. This past Sunday, Carlos invited Neil over. He told him about their little baby's problems. Neil asked them how they decided to come to our church. He said that Fabian had invited them, but they had ignored the invitation. Then later, they wanted to go to church, any church. One of them had one of our tracts with our address and services hours. They thought "Why not this one?" And so they came. I think that they were just as surprised to see Pati and Fabian, as they had been to see Carlos and Josselin.

Carlos says that he is saved, but Josselin recieved Christ Sunday night. We are so pleased. Please pray for their sweet baby, Carla.


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

oh yes they do! a dear indian lady showed up at church this past week who had been begging God to make Himself real to her and when she found the tract on her door that my husband left, she brought it to church and gave testimony in our service over it! when i pass out tracts to young men that are hanging out around places looking a little bit sad, i hand them out with a package of m&m's and they readily receive them!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!