Friday, December 25, 2009

An Arias Christmas, part 2

We had our Chrsitmas Eve service at 7. The choir sang four songs. Every seemed to enjoy it. We even had a special guest. The mayor of Lanco came to our service last night! But even better than that, we had 3 people who trusted Christ for salvation. Our table, ready to go. We had crock-pot BBQ ribs, baked potatoes and 7 layer salad. I was going to make several desserts, but ended making only peanut butter squares. Yummy! And quite extravagant for these parts. No one uses up their peanut butter so rashly unless it is Christmas! Of course we each had our very own can of Dr. Pepper. No sharing tonight!


My boy!


Tori said...

Wow, that sounds like a wonderful Christmas, especially the DP. We can get DP in Austria if we make the drive, 2.5 hours so we don't very often.
We also didn't do traditional for Christmas we had chicken tenders, potatoes and corn. It was good and easy.
Merry Christmas Rhonda!
Bow that it's over what are we gonna do now? :0)

Rhonda in Chile said...

That's easy! Camp! We have one month to get everything ready.Glad you had a nice Christmas!