Monday, January 11, 2010

"Attempt great things for God,

Expect great things from God!" I hope I got that quite right, I might have gotten it backwards. It is from William Carey, missionary to India.

The Lord has blessed our church greatly, but in the past two years, we fell into a rut, attendance -wise. We hovered around 100. We won new people, but lost others. Six weeks ago, the Preacher got all the SS teachers and leaders together and made a challenge. We wanted to get to 150 by September, 2010. He laid out a visitation schedule and we got to work. Almost immediately we began to see progress. We averaged 120 for about 4 weeks.

Yesterday was the best so far. Nothing special, no give-aways. (we never do that) Just hard work. God sent 148 people to our Church yesterday. Yea!!!!!

Now, we no longer are expceting 150 from God. We're kicking it up to 170!


Mrs. Julie Fink said...

This is SOOOO wonderful! May God continue to bless your diligent work!

Tori said...

I'm sure you met Bro. Todd when you were at our church. He's out assistant pastor now Co-pastor and soon to be pastor, anyhow, he always says you can't hit the mark if you have nothing to aim for.
Pulling for that 170.

Rhonda in Chile said...

Thank you, Mrs.Fink, and Tori!
I know that you have to keep the "numbers" thing in perspective. But each number represents a soul to be won. If we jsut sit idly back and expect them to come in on their own, we sin grievously.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful Rhonda.

Kristi said...

Woo Hoo!! Can't wait to see the number come September. I pray that each seed planted with flourish!!!