Friday, January 15, 2010


Only 11 more days!

Its going to start getting wild around here. Neil is writing the devotional booklets, which I will type and print. Mom is doing all the decorating and another gazillion things that need to be done. We shop for the food next week. Our special speaker arrives from Cal. next Friday.

I am looking for a theme song for the family camp. We are doing "The Fruit of the Spirit" Each family will be a different fruit. Mom made me a fruit hat รก la Carmen Miranda. Its a good thing I am not afraid to look silly! Two years ago, she put Neil in a black vest and hat, a sherriff's star and a fake mustache. It was a hoot.

Youth camp will be the following week. The theme is "A Special Treasure" I already have a theme song for that. Mom is going to do a treasure hunt.

I've got a bunch of stuff to print up.

If I don't post soon, you'll know why!


Anonymous said...

Lol I can just imagine you in your fruit hat! :) Hope you have fun preparing for and going to camp.

Tori said...

HA, I love the idea of the hat!
Sounds like fun and a great theme too!

JulieMom said...

Well, I know a song about the fruit of the Spirit, but will you be singing in Spanish? Not sure how it will translate...if you're interested, I'll email you.

And I agree...we need a pic of the hat, on your head! :0)

Rhonda in Chile said...

Thanks Y'all!
I'll post some pictures soon.

Lloyd said...

I just loved your post. May our Lord continue to shine through you. God bless, Lloyd