Monday, May 21, 2007

Relaxing weekend? I don't think so!

We've come to an end of another weekend. From Friday evening to Sunday night, we have pretty much non-stop activity. This was intesified by the fact that the Preacher left this morning early on a missions trip to Argentina with 4 preacher boys. We had people in and out all weekend.

We had a great service at the Mafil mission in spite of the fact the Neil didn't go. He was sick. Woke up with a migraine and a fever. He was at the morning and evening services here in Lanco, though. We had so-so attendance, 74 here in Lanco, 15 in Mafil. We had 2 visitors.

Once, an old preacher told us this story. He had pastored several churches over his lifetime. Someone asked him the difference between a large Church and a small Church. He replied "The difference between a Church of 100 and a Church of 1000 is 900 problems"
It seems sometimes that we are having more problems than ever before, but that is because we have more people than ever before. How does one not get discouraged by people-problems? Sometimes, we'll have a great day, except for one or two who are having "issues". Fr'instance, this Saturday, Neil took a group to go see one of our boys at Boot Camp. They had a great day. When they got home, one of our ladies called to tell us that her son, one of the Seminary boys, had come home drunk the night before. Then on Sunday A.M. while were in the Deaf Sunday school class, one of our most faithful young ladies who is going through a rebellious phase, decided that she was bored with the teaching and started humming a song! I was so ticked at her! I am glad that Neil didn't notice it.
So, even if we had a great day, Neil and I were both bummed about a handful of people. Its so hard to "turn off" at night, and not let the Church problems just overwhelm your family life.
So today, I am just bumming around. Blogging, slooowwww housework. No makeup, no doorbells. Maybe a a little laundry, hopefully a nap!
Since the Preacher will not be here this week, I'll be able to blog more.

By the way, I have note been writing very much, but I have been reading. I love you all!! And I am so thrilled to see God working in your lives.
Does anyone know anything about Janet? I can't find her blog.



Anonymous said...

I can imagine that it is hard to switch off from problems you are having at church. LOL fancy humming, how rude, I'd have been tempted to throw a hymn book at her!! But then I guess that would have made more of a commotion than the humming.

Who's Janet?


Rhonda said...

Hi Sarah! Good to see you! Yep, I wanted to turn to her and say "Sandra, if you're so bored, why don't you just leave?" Of course I didn't, but "BadRhonda" really wanted to.

Janet, is from, Janet's Journal, on my bloglist. Mrs.B kindly sent me her new address.