Monday, May 14, 2007

Sins and Snares

There are some things that are out and out sinful. It should be easy to see those things and avoid them. Then there are things that may or may not be actual "sins" but they are snares. They can cause you or someone you love to sin.
One issue that has come up lately here at our Church is women working outside the home. Now, usually this is where I would say that its not necessarily sinful for a woman to work outside the home. But I will say this. Its a snare. You might make it out OK, but then you might just get trapped in one of the many trappings of working outside your home.

Why do I say this? Because of the case of infidelity that I told you about a few months ago. This dear lady has been working outside her home since the beginning. She and her husband had a plan. She would work, he would go to college to become a vet. That started over 6 years ago, and he is no where near being a vet. They truly seemed to love each other, and their kids. Yet, when the husband had to work far from home for a few months, he fell into temptation and commited grievous adultery.

Now, lets talk about "red flags" Red flags are the warning signs that speak of impending doom. Adultery is awful and you'll never know how much until you are a victim, either as a wife, or a child, seeing your parent commit adultery.
Red Flag: An untidy, unkempt house. The house of the family in question is a spooky place. Dark, messy, dirty. Unadorned. Why? Mama has no energy to take care of it!!!

Red Flag. Unkempt , messy children. 'nuff said!

Red Flag: Wife becomes a "mother figure". If you ask me, so often, a working wife becomes a mother figure to her husband. Why? Because she is providing for him. Of course he seems to like this very much. But somewhere deep inside he knows that this is not how things should be. And, women who provide tend to become motherly in their advice and admonishment. "Honey, you need to help me with the dishes, I've had a hard day at work too" I really don't know any real men that like it when their wives become their mamas. It seems that a man with a mama for a wife is ready to fall for the womanly allure of the Strange Woman.

Is his adultery her fault? Not at all. He knew better. But the snares were there.

Why do I write all this? To make some poor working wife feel bad? No! But as I watch this family reeling from the heart-wrenching consequences of adultery, I feel the need to cry out and warn others of the snares.


Mrs.B. said...

This is a good warning to heed. And I agree, a working outside the home wife is not in sin but in most cases I don't think it's a wise scenario....For the very reasons you mentioned.

Good post! (o:


This was a great post. One that I believe all women should take heed to. It can happen to you.So none of us need to think that we are something special. Satan is not a respecter of persons either. It can happen to a person at any age. I know I have seen it happen.We must guard our marriages at all cost for the family is at stake. connie from Texas

Terri said...

I think that anything that takes the wife's attention away from her husband is a snare - whether it be the children's activities, ministry work or whatever. We all need to be on guard against the traps which Satan will place for us.

Rhonda said...

Hello, Mrs.B, Connie and Terri! Seems like we're all on the same page. Terri, you are absolutely right, and I even think I feel a post coming on! I believe that many women have alienated their husbands doing "church work" God never asks us to do something that will cause us to disobey a direct command, such as honoring our husbands.