Wednesday, August 08, 2007

5 more days

I only have 5 more useful days before we leave for furlough. The house is in a state of flux, my cooking has been limited to what's left in the cupboard. My printers are not working. My vonage phone service is spotty at best. And its COLD!

Still, I am thrilled to be going back. We will be staying in a lovely missions house in Bellflower, CA. for a month before we hit the road in our motorhome.

The church people are sad, and afraid that we might just stay in the US. That's not going to happen unless God moves in a miraculous way. We've had all sorts of tragedies and people problems, many of which were taken care of last night at Lord's Supper.

Just got a call from the dentist and they worked me in for tomorrow at 11 am. Great.

I'll probably have my internet shut down tomorrow as well. So, if this is my last day to blog from home, just know that I'll be back!


Michelle said...

When you get back or have time, I've nominated you for an award on my blog . ..

Michelle said...

Oh and a second one . . .
I know your state side, and I am hoping that you will check your blog while away . . .so we can arrange to get some coffee!!!
I can't find your e-mail!!! WAAAAA

Anyway . . .here's the link

Jungle Mom said...

have a great furlough!

Tori said...

Wow I know how excited you must be. I remember when we came back 11 months ago and we were so excited, it's funny now we're just as excited to be going back as we were coming here. Hope you have a great trip and a blessed furlough.