Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Reading good books

My friend Sarah wrote a very interesting post yesterday. I had also been thinking about books and blogs, both of which I love. But one of the dangers about reading about God (outside of the Bible) is that it does seem like vicarious living, a sort of vicarious Christianity. I remember reading something Max Lucado wrote. He said something about people who live their spirituality through someone else, always hearing about how God is working through someone else, either an author or a pastor. Lucado likened it to always being around and living off someone else's romances, never having a romance yourself. When it comes down to it, its got to be personal! I know it may seem selfish, but I want to hear from God myself. (I am not talking about a new revelation) I want to open the Word and know that God is speaking to ME. So often, we get second-hand spirituality from someone else and that is just not enough.

That being said, I still love books. And I believe that not all books are for every season of your life. My mom admitted to having "My Utmost For His Highest" for years and never read it. Now she reads it daily, and gives it as gifts to everyone she knows. There are books on my shelves that I did not enjoy greatly, but who knows? Maybe in another time, another set of circumstances, I will be ready to read them and get the full benefit.


Mrs.B said...

I thought Sarah's post was fantastic too! (o:

Anonymous said...

Aww thanks for the link! :) Yes what Max Lucado said is too true. It's sort of like a lonely person watching/reading endless romances to fill the gap in their lives. Yet as Christians we don't need to live through another person's romance, the real love of God comes directly to each of us no need for any mediator except Christ Himself.

Michelle said...

Well, I love books with insight. I love to read, but I know what you mean about living vicariously through others . . .biblically speaking . . I mean, it does surprise me how many good solid christian (even missionaries and ministers) have never read the bible through!!!! It's just amazes me. Anyway . . . and I tend to avoid "fanfair" type books. Those like "The prayer of Jabez", perhaps it was good, but the whole RAVE about it, and then all the MERCHANDIZING from it!!! The prayer of Jabez frame, game, picture, tea cup . . .you get the idea, it turned me off from it . . . then I heard someone say that they aught to make a t-shirt saying "I prayed the prayer of Jabez and all I got was this stupid T-shirt" which I thought was HILARIOUS, but almost sacreligous to really talk about . . how crazy is that?
And you know what . . I think I have a copy of "My Utmost . . " but haven't read it either.
So, I should pull that one out?

Rhonda said...

Hi Ladies!
Mrs. B, and Sarah, looks like we have a consensus here!

"My Utmost..." was not originally written as a book, but were the teachings of Oswald Chambers that he taught during his life and ministry among British soldiers during WW1 I think. His wife wrote all he taught in shorthand. He died in Egypt from peritonitis, very young. His widow typed out the teachings, then they got published. He never knew what a minstry he would have after his death. So that way, I know he wasn't in it for the money!