Saturday, August 04, 2007

Ten more days

We have ten more days before we leave Lanco for furlough. It has been determined by the Powers that be that these will be excruciatingly busy days. This morning around 2 a.m., Sister Miriam's mother passed away. We were on alert since last night. Her son came and got Neil at 2:40, Neil stayed until 5, then came home and got a little rest before going to Mafil. This afternoon after kid's club, he and the guys set up the portable baptistry. It took about 2 hours. Then he came home, had a cup of coffee and we headed over to Miriam's house for the "velorio" which is where everybody sits around the casket. After a few minutes of that, we were ushered into the kitchen. I was there for about an hour, Neil is still there, talking and drinking "mate". Sister Miriam is sad, but no longer hysterical. (I cannot handle "hysterical") This is the third "velorio" I've been to in the past 3 weeks.
I won't be able to attend the funeral on Monday because I have a last-minute dentist appointment (oh joy)

Bro. Jose and has family will arrive next Saturday a.m., so I only have 6 more days of "normal" family life. I will be sooooo glad to get on that plane!

We had 32 kids at club today, which is really great considering the cold and the rain. Actually, I can't believe so many moms let their kids come, knowing full well that they'll get soaked.

Tomorrow night we'll have a baptism, then Tuesday night we'll have the Lord's Supper. As you know, we take the Lord's Supper very seriously around here. Its a big deal to us!

I don't know how much blogging I can do before we must turn off the internet. I already miss it!
Please pray that the Lord will get us through these next few days victoriously and that Neil might not drop dead from exhaustion.

Have a great Lord's Day!


Happymama said...

Sounds as though your schedule is not your own. I do hope you're able to blog some while on furlough.

We've been at Faith for seven years now and I think we've had communion once in that time and I was sick that night and missed it. LOL


Rhonda said...

No, Kristi, my time is not my own! Frustrating.

We had a great Lord's Supper! I can't imagine a Church as wonderful as yours not having Lord's supper very often! I was surprised to no end when you wrote that. We have closed communion, which makes for a very intimate time where we have private and public confession.