Thursday, October 30, 2008

Evangelistic campaign

We had a revival/evangelistic campaign last week. It was exhausting! The Lord worked mightily, first in our Church members. We had great turnout every night and visitors. The first three nights were focused on revival. Then, Sat and Sunday was all gospel. We had 6 people make professions of faith, two of them being particularly meaningful because we had been praying for them for years! One man Francisco Reyes (yes, Francisco is quite a popular name)
Well, we've prayed for him for 12 years. The other in Judith (pronounced Joo-deet´), we have prayed about 2 years for her.

It in not always easy for me to have guests several days in my house. I must say that hospitality is not always easy, but I do my best not to complain to DH. You see, here we cannot just put the visiting preacher in a hotel. Even if we had a hotel! Of course, my DH loves having guests, the more the merrier! I did find myself hiding out a bit more in my room. I guess my hormones have got me a bit more sensitive than normal.

It was also hard because the Preacher and I are early-to-bed people hosting late-to-bed people. Neil stayed up with them, but its a strain for both of us. I say this not to complain but to share that Preachers, Evangelists and their families are all-too-human, and aren't always as smiley inside as they are outside.

Of course its almost a sin to even mention a complaint when the Lord was so gracious as to work in our favor. Anyway, next time your Church has special services with special guests, pray for your preacher's family. They could probably use the extra measure of grace!


Tori said...

Praise the Lord for Francisco and Judith!! Wow, all the hard work was worth it huh?

I'm sure you're much more gracious than you know.

Anonymous said...

I find guests hard too.

Hugs to you.

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hi Tori, Sarah!!
Yes, it was all worth it. And yes, I try to be gracious at all times. I just don't always "feel" it. Thanks be to God that we can obey even when our emotions are working against us!

God bless