Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Baby News

Well, there is no baby news per se, just "me" news. The Dr. ordered a glucose tolerance test and it came back too high. Not high enough to warrant another test, just enough to put me on a low carb diet. Yuck! I could never ever ever do the Atkins diet-Never. I just love my carbs.

I have, however, eliminated white sugar, well, any added sugars, and desserts and chocolate and white bread, and corn bread. Have I ever told you how delicious Chilean bread is?

My birthday is coming up soon and I just want to skip it. Whats a birthday without sweets? DH says he will grill steaks. Sorry, not interested. I love a good steak, but with potato salad or a baked potato, know what I mean?

Anyway. I have an appointment for a sonogram Oct 29. Then the Dr. will decide when and if to induce labor. He has decided to induce since we live so far from the hospital. Dr. doesn't want me giving birth in the car!

Blessings to you all


Tori said...

Hey Rhonda, you know what they say: No news is good news, glad the baby is fine.

As for you, I'm so sorry about the whole sugar cut back thing, tragic really!

Hey go ahead and enjoy your birthday, you deserve a day just for you!
Plus you wouldn't want to steal a blessing for those that love you would you?

Anonymous said...

Sorry you can't have any sweets, but hope you have a lovely birthday anyway.