Friday, June 26, 2009

Dangerous Jobs!

I'll have to say that I think that the music industry might just be one of the most dangerous out there. So many "musicians" and "singers" have died young, the latest being of course, pop music's "king". Elvis died young, and so many others. If I was in the music industry, I'd watch out!
Of course music itself is not the problem. Look at all the older folks on the Gaither reunion videos. There's quite a bit of gray and toupee! Hmmm....must be the kind of music. Yeah, that must be it! Rick Warren and others would have us believe that all music is amoral, neither good or bad. But it seems that its only the "bad" music industry that is deadly. And the "badder" the music, the more dangerous. Fr'instance, there seem to be a lot of rappers in trouble all the time.

Christian parents wanted to please their teenagers and let them listen to whatever their flesh wants to. Now grown up, these people are mourning a profane, godless man. I shudder to think about where he is today.

Don't get angry when your pastor preaches against wordly music! He's raising a much-needed warning flag.


Anonymous said...

A few weeks ago I read a book by Dr. Dennis Corle called The Pied Piper of Rock Music.--It was eye-opening. I always knew pop/rock/country music was ungodly but I didn't realize how truly bad it was.

I grew up listening to Michael Jackson's music and he *was* quite talented. What is sad to me is that he had "everything" that everyone says they want, money, fame etc...yet he wasn't ever happy. And now as he spends eternity in hell it just seems so sad....So very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

Just to clarify.....when I say I grew up listening to his music, I was not born again. I wasn't saved until my early 20's.

Arlene said...

I completely agree with you, Rhonda! (You, too, Michele!)

It's sad to see how many people get upset with the preacher for saying anything about music these days. I'm surprised to see how many people in this day and age have been seduced by the world's music (whether it has "Christian" lyrics or not). :(

It's even more discouraging to see how many people (even Christian people!!!!) have been saying things in honor of "this great man". Sorry, but does anyone remember the scandals surrounding his life?! He was not some legend, saint, or hero. He was a sinner, in need of a Saviour, and I believe that in all of the traveling he did, he was bound to have heard the truth at least once or twice in his life. Sad to say, it doesn't seem that he responded before he died.

Rhonda in Chile said...

It is too sad that there are so-called Christians deceived by this man and others like him.

Don't worry Michele! I would never even think that you could listen to that music as a Christian! Isn't it wonderful how God changes your tastes?

Anonymous said...

I won't go into the music thing...I think we've discussed that before? For me I think it's fame and unbelievable wealth that turns the heads and hearts of people. All that adulation, worship and ability to buy anything you want and do almost anything you want...who needs God then? I suppose that's why it's hard for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven - they rely on their wealth rather than God.

I think that is what happened to poor Michael Jackson, he never had a chance, such adulation and money from such a young age. He so desperately sought a childhood he lost. It's so sad, so, so sad.

Those poor children he's left behind. Our prayers must be for them - he's apparently got $500 million in assets which after his mega $100 million debts are paid will mostly go to them. What chance have they to find God amidst all that wealth - but for God it isn't impossible, nothing is impossible for God.

And Michael Jackson's family. Such pain. And all so public too. Their son, however mixed up he was, is still their son. It must tear their hearts out with every newspaper article and magazine article that lays into him and spreads rumours and most probably lies as everyone grabs at their pound of flesh.

Too sad. How God must weep.