Saturday, June 06, 2009

What I do when I cannot blog, Part 2

And if that weren't enough, its Kids Club day!!! Yay! We had to hurry our guests because, unlike most latin Amercan endeavors, we are punctual. We had to make a few adjustments, but all went well. We had 44 children and 10 workers. Here Sandra is telling the story of the life of Hudson Taylor
Here, the younger kids have their game time.
Here are the big kids playing Hot Potato. That's Eileen in green in the back and Ronnie here in the front in red.

Here's more of the story-verse-singing-Gospel time.I am so tired my eyes are crossing. I can't go to bed until Neil gets here. They all went to watch the big Chile vs. Paraguay soccer game. We are sooooo going to lose! Paraguay is in first place and they are playing in Asuncion. What a bummer!
What do you think of our lovely orange chairs? There's a 30 year old story behind them!
Have a wonderful Lord's day! Rest if you can. Thank God that you can still worship freely.
Do you know what my favorite piece of advice is? Go to church expecting God to speak to you! Expect a blessing and you'll get one!
Peace from Above

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