Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Next week we are celebrating Thanksgiving. Not Turkey Day. Not Football. We are celebrating thanking God for his blessings and care.
Julie Mom is hosting a Thanksgiving recipe exchange. Now, I love recipes, but when it comes to Thanksgiving or Christmas, I go totally traditional. Nothing new. Its very comforting to me to know that our menu will be exactly the same every year. Here's the Menu
Turkey and gravy
dressing, made with white bread and cornbread.
Mashed potatoes
Corn or corn pudding
7 layer salad
Yeast rolls

Pumpkin pie,
chocolate mousse
waldorf salad, which we eat as a dessert
black bottom pie

I am going to try to do more tablescaping than I usually do, which is nothing.
I'll try to post some pictures.

This year, Mom and my sister and her family are gone to the US, so I am hosting this year. Also the Longs are gone, so its just us and the Robinsons. We see them about once a year for Thanksgiving. We always say that we need to get together more often, but we don't. I wish we did. We're all so busy!

Our nation seems to be forgetting the Pilgrims, and is celebrating ghosts, goblins and witches instead. Lord help us!

This year, after dinner wie'll probably go WiiBowling. Yeah! I love Wii bowling!

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JulieMom said...

Thanks for the link love! And I would like your recipe for stuffing please. I have never made it before and want to try this year.

And I'm scared of my Nan's recipe with GIZZARDS in it. Please say yours doesn't have gizzards...please...