Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Wii finally took the plunge and bought a wii and a wii fit. I have to say, we love it! Its been worth every penny spent. Wii only have the games that came with it, but we are having a blast.
The wii fit is not aerobic enough in and of itself, but we have all lost weight and gotten stronger.
The best thing is that we play as a family. The kids are so happy about that. We have a bit of a friendly rivalry going on. Everyone has events that they are best at. I am champion at the ski jump. Eileen is first in step aerobics while Ronnie is best at hitting the soccer ball with his Mii head. I also learned that my husband cannot do the hula hoop. Not in real life and not in virtual reality. Its a hoot to see him try though!

Neil's gone to Argentina for a Fuegos de Evangelismo conference. So, the kids and I are having a WII part-tay!


JulieMom said...

Fun! Those are SO popular. Wonder if we'll ever get one...have to wait and see. Not sure if they hook up to a projector? :0)

Have a good time!

Rhonda in Chile said...

They probably do. If my wall wasn't red, we might have tried that. Neil is really pushing for an HDTV, and I'll just bet the Wii is great on that!

Jungle Mom said...

We love ours as well. I like it because it is as much fun to watch others play as it is to play yourself. No one is bored.