Saturday, January 27, 2007

The things I gleaned from camp

Most of what I learned at camp, I didn't learn in the meetings, but during the times I was able to fellowship with our guest speaker and his wife. Pastor and Mrs Preston are dear friends and I learned quite a bit.
1. We were talking about Christian love. I remember this quote. "I will not let anything you do keep me from loving you"
2. Bro. P says, "If Satan cannot get you to deny a truth, he'll lead you to go to an extreme on a truth" For example, we were talking about the tragedy of Kent Hovind's conviction and sentence. Bro. Hovind is an excellent speaker about Creation. But he allowed himself to get carried away to an extreme on the issue of taxes and government. He thinks he's right, but what good does that do now? Now some people who might have listened to him speak on creation will probably think he is a nut now. I am afraid he has hurt the cause of Christ and creationism. Extremes are usually bad. Bro P's next favorite thing is....
3. Balance! Balance in the Christian life. I think of Randy Alcorn's the Grace-Truth paradox.

God bless you, my friends,
please pray that God would give me wisdom. I still haven't felt the "jolt" from Heaven!



Sarah Joy said...

I fully agree about balance. One of the devil's favorite tactics, if he can't tempt a zealous servent of God into sin, is to get them to fight the wrong battle. I am deeply saddened by the Hovind trial. This verse comes to mind, Pro 4:25 "Let thine eyes look right on, and let thine eyelids look straight before thee."

Mrs.B said...

Those are some great quotes! Thanks for sharing.

And Rhonda, I think you have more wisdom than you know....I often learn from you. (o:

Oh, and I e-mailed you my e-mail address, did you get it?