Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yeah, I'm supposed to be on a break...

But I have a few things to write.

First of all, I would like to talk about my doggy Sunny, who was killed last week. Sunny was one of those special, once-in-a-lifetime dogs. She stole our hearts from Day 1. Even the Cat and our Dalmation, Minnie, loved her. But she had a small rebelious streak. She liked to get out of the fence. At first, we would run after her, but it was impossible to catch her. We'd get within 4 feet, and she'd run ahead. So, after a few months, we let up our guard and gave her a bit of freedom, against our better judgement. It seems that many parents do that! We give in to our children's "little" rebellions. And of course, her rebellion, as innocent as it may have seemed, ultimately caused her death. Which brings me to thought number 2. Rebellions causes collateral damage. Of course, we didn't die, but we suffered. I'm still sad. It does me good to remember that my rebellion, no matter how "small" it may seem to me, causes innocent people to suffer.

Next thought. There is a couple in our church who have been "dating" (for lack of a better word) At first, they wanted to do things the right way, and keep a good testimony. But we'd often see them in the street late at night, alone in the dark or alone in his car. We pleaded with them to be careful, to avoid temptation. We spoke to her mother, encouraging her to set limits. All this to no avail. It seems that this 15 year old girl is expecting a baby. We are heartbroken, knowing that whis is not God's plan, and was totally avoidable and there will be lasting consequences

On the other hand, we have a second couple who got married in August. What a joyful wedding! Last month, Patty shared with us all that she was pregnant. They were thrilled! Today, she went to the Dr. and the sonogram shows that the baby is dead. They are heartbroken. Today, we are all wondering at God's Providence and sovreignty. Of course He knows best.

I am printing out the devotional books for camp. Pray for our camp. Weve been facing many problems. We've had so many problems, I just know we're going to have a great camp!


Anonymous said...

Rhonda, I'm so sorry to hear about the young couple whose baby has died before they were even able to hold him/her. And I'm even more sorry about the young girl that has gotten pregnant out of God's perfect will. Yes, it could have been avoided. How sad. I'm more depressed over this situation than the first because the baby that died has gone on to Heaven and eagerly awaits their earthly parent. And also because the other baby, if God sees fit for him/her to be born, will always have the "illigitimate" word hanging over their head. A mark that will hurt the parents and the child. Will a repentant heart be born from this or will a bitterness envelop the heart of the parents? Blaming each other for never being able to grow up? I'm afraid I've seen the ugliest of that in a couple we know. Sixteen years later, the mother is in and out of bars and beds while the dad sits at home and weeps for himself, his children, and his marriage because he is blamed solely for the firstborn child that entered the world at the mother's tender age of fifteen. I'll be praying for both couples.

Anonymous said...

I will be praying for you, the ladies and your camp. I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your dog.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that lady found out her baby has not survived, I know how devastating that can be.

I'm also sorry for the 15 year old girl, I'll keep her and her boyfriend in my prayers, God can cover our mistakes so we should pray for those who make such mistakes. So I pray that this boy and girl do overcome the odds with God's intervention, and joyfully and responsibly raise a happy healthy baby and that they give their lives totally to Jesus Christ.

Hugs, hope things go better at camp for you.

Dawn said...

Sad stories! The foolishness of young people who get pregnant is so sad.

We had a dachshund for 14 years - loved him to the max. I even blogged about him not long ago - lots of pictures. He was in almost every picture we took of the family during those years. We still miss Fritzie.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about these two families that are being affected by situations that are most difficult to deal with. I will pray for both.

Anonymous said...

oh my, thats so sad.

Oh MY! Thats so sad!

Ohhh my, that's so SAD!

Here's a prayer out your way! I know how things can get crazy like this when you care about people.


Anonymous said...

oh and here is a video that you might like that challanges people to missions in spanish . . .

Anonymous said...


I miss you! I sure hope you're ok and that you'll be posting again soon. (o: