Friday, September 12, 2008


Our terribly long building project was finally coming to an end. There were details, to be sure, but only a few "biggies". One, the flooring in the main auditorium, and two, the black iron fence.
This week, the men laid tile where it was supposed to go, and today, they were going to lay the carpet. My DH would not be there today, as he had a dentist appointment in the city. While we were waiting at the dentist, he got the call. You see, our church is heated with an airtight, wood burning stove. They had been keeping a fire going to continue drying the newly-laid cement.
Well, Miguel spread the glue to lay the carpet and after a while, the fumes from the glue caught fire. It didnt cause any structural damage, as our building is brick, but the smoke blackened everything. The ceiling will have to be covered with plaster again, and painted, as will the walls,
after we ladies have washed off as much soot as possible. The guys that were there are pretty shaken, as the flames grew quickly. We praise God that none of the men were injured in any way, and that the damage was minimal. Neil brought the electrician over to check the newly-installed wiring. We are going to have to replace some light fixtures and the like.
So, the building project continues. I am sorry, for Neil doesnt know how to pace himself. He works himself ragged, then gets sick. We have visitors from the US coming next week, and we had hoped to have all this done by then. I know it does not really matter, the visitors will not care. But we will. Oh well, at least every one is OK


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Rhonda, I will pray for strength and numbers to help you with your project.

It is so hard not to work ourselves ragged when we are passionate about something. I find it hard to be patient and work at the pace God allows me. Your husband is obviously so passionate about your church and it is wonderful to read. I hope he doesn't work himself too hard though.

Hugs again.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm glad no one was hurt but sorry it happened at all.