Friday, September 12, 2008


A few years ago, we received a visit from an American pastor. We discussed many issues. He told us that he believed that the sign of a mature Christian was balance. I nodded my head, but I remember thinking "Compromiser!" But as I see different Christians openly judgemental at other Christians for having Sunday School, for example. I realize that we need to step back and reconsider our actions. Other Christians have ideas different from mine, not sinful, but different. Why should I care? Why do we feel the need to expose them and make them know just how wrong they are?

Also, are my positions extreme? Some people think so. What am I to do, change my convictions so as not to appear extreme? Well, I don't think so. What I must do though, is behave myself in such a way as to not appear that I feel spiritually superior to anyone because of my standards or positions.

I need to ask God to show me if I am really pleasing Him, or just trying to show off, by making someone else look unspiritual compared to me. For, who is to say that I am more spiritual?

Who tries the hearts? Who knows? God does! And he commands me to mind my own business to "work out my own salvation with fear and trembling". If some Christian sister seems unconcerned about certain behaviors, I should pray for her, that the Holy Spirit would direct her as He sees fit. Now, if she asks my opinion, I will not hesitate to give it, but unsolicited advice is rarely heeded, never appreciated. Do I have a duty to tell her what I think? Nope. Even in my own Church, among my own ladies who look to me for guidance, I am careful. I only say what I feel I need to say, if I think that she is ready to hear it. If not, I wait.

Now, balance is something I look for. Not compromise, but balance. The whole problem is, what is balanced? I do not know. It may all depend on my attitude. If my position makes me angry towards others or causes me to mock them or judge them, then I need to take a good long look at my position. I think sometimes we "do" things for God, without ever really asking Him about them. Even if I am doing the right things, am I doing them for the right reasons, and with the right motives? That is what I need to be concerned about. Especially before going out to "correct" someone else.


Tori said...

Oh Rhonda,
You really read my mind on this one. We were just talking about this.

Bro. Smith always says that it is so important to live a balanced life. It can't be all door-to-door and no personal devotion time. Or all church and no family.

And on the idea bout being a bit more separated than others, I'm with you on that too. We were talking about how our good friends do so much more that we would never do, so much more that seems like compromise.

I think it's a great idea to keep our mouths quiet and mind our own business. If we did we would turn our eyes on ourselves and stop looking at others.

Great post Rhonda,
Sorry for rambling!

Anonymous said...

For me, the sign of a mature one who has been a Christian for some time but still maintains their passion for Christ and has not become cynical or indifferent or is 'going through the motions' of 'church going'. Our Pastor, a born-again Christian of some 35 years (he is now in his 70s) still maintains his passion for Christ and straining (as Paul once said) towards that goal. For me he is an example of a mature Christian...not perfect, not claiming to be perfect, but still straining towards the goal of perfection - Christ-likeness.

I totally understand about balance though, we can try to do too much of everything and being only human this will fail and we'll be burnt out. I guess the key is to remain close to God in our hearts and lives and to be guided by Him and not our own desires. To find our strength and our joy in Him.

About the speaking out, this is always a hard one. How can we speak out when we are sinners ourselves, will that make us judgemental? I suppose again we need to rely on God and His Holy Word. If someone we know who is a member of our church is sinning in a way that is contrary to the Word of God (something that is indiputably a sin like say adultery, or stealing, etc.) then we need to speak up. I guess on other matters we need to pray, pray, pray for guidance.

Just my initial thoughts to your post.


Anonymous said...

...and I should add (re a mature Christian) one who is steeped in the Word of God, who isn't swayed by false doctrine, etc.

Anonymous said...

Lol taking over your comments here...sorry our Pastor was born-again in his early twenties (so he was born-again nearly 50 years ago), it was our church that started 35 years ago!

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hi Tori!,
Ramble on!

You must have an amazing pastor. Its so rare to see someone stay in one church for so long.

Hope y'all had a great Sunday!