Saturday, September 06, 2008

How does a nice girl like Bristol Palin....

....from a nice family......whose parents believe in abstinence for teens.......get pregnant at 17?
I'll tell you. For the whole "abstinence" thing to work, there has to be at least 4, if not 6 people commited to it. Here goes:
1 The girl must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
2. The boy must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong.
3 The girl's mother must believe that physical intimacy before marriage is wrong, and be willing to take the time and effort to make sure that her daughter is never in a situation where violating this principle is even remotely possible.
4 The girls father:ditto
5.The boy's mother: ditto
6.The boy's father:ditto

The Bible says that "a child left to himself bringeth his mother to shame" Kids get into trouble when there are no adults present. Its just that simple. When both parents work, it easy for kids to fall between the cracks of parental vision. Even when mommy doesn't work, she sometimes lets her guard down.

"But I trust my daughter!" You shouldn't. God doesn't. He told you to keep an eye on her.
"I trust my son" Your son needs your guidance.
As a pastor's wife, I've heard it all. "My daughter know what she is supposed to do!" "My son would never do that!" Look, this is bigger than you or your daughter. Just "knowing" what is right or wrong in not enough! Christian young people know that they are in sin, and they are grieved by it, but thats not enough. Be prepared to do you job!


Anonymous said...

Some great points Rhonda. I sort of agree I went off the rails a bit at university. I'm sure it wouldn't have happened if I'd gone to university nearer home, and lived at home whilst doing the course, like our Assistant Pastor at the time wanted me to. I did stuff my Mum would never have been happy with and I would never have done had I been living at home. It's all repented of now, but I kind of wished it had never happened.

Lol, in fact going to university was rather a waste of time for me because I've never used my degree for anything!!

Rhonda in Chile said...

Going off to the university can be riddled with temptations that young people are not quite readyfor. But thats another post.....
Have a great Lords day!

Terri said...

Rhonda, I agree with your post but unless you are with your child 24/7 they can find a way. My daughter lived at home, attended college nearby, had to check in with me before and after classes, and yet...

I do love my grandson, though.

Tori said...

BRAVO Rhonda!!!

This is an excellent post. I was just thinkng about this very subject this morning. We have friends coming to work here with us next year and they have two boys the age of my daughter. I was thinking that we are going to have to lay down some ground rules in advance so that the boys and my girl are never alone. Never have enough time by themselves to do what sinners do.

Anyhow, enough rambling, great post!