Thursday, September 04, 2008

Earthquakes and Hurricanes

I'm a California Girl. No matter that I haven't lived there in years, I was born there. My folks are Californians. Its who I am. I love LA! I love driving on the freeways! And that also means that I am used to earthquakes. Now, a few years back, while on furlough, we just happened to be in Milton, FL, for the arrival of Hurricane Ivan. We were not used to hurricanes. The one thing that I remember is the fact that you know, days in advance, that the hurricane is headed your way. You watch the news, you debate evacuation. You wonder if its really going to be as bad as they say. Two days before Ivan, we left Milton, FL, and headed north to Birmingham (led by God to a wonderful church) Still, the storm followed us to Birmingham, though by the time it reached us, it was only a category 1, falling to Tropical storm status. We watched the news, felt the storm bands as they arrived, paid attention to possible tornados. My DH has tornado-phobia. Then, after about 5 days of worry and concern, and 5 hours of actual storm, it was over. We survived Ivan!!!!
I'm telling you, I'll take a 3 minute earthquake any day! No advance warning, no advance worrying, and its over in a flash.
Now, I say all that to say this, I'd rather have a spiritual earthquake than a spiritual hurricane. However, God chose to send us two, simutaneously. We saw them coming, we knew that we were in for a time of uncertainty and possible loss, possibly great loss. I cannot blog in a hurricane!!!!!
But today, the storms are past, clean-up has begun. The loss was not as great as feared, and most of it can be repaired in time. Some of the damage is permanent, but for the greater good of the Lord's work here in Chile. DH and I are heaving sighs of relief and thanking God for working in our lives.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that the storms have passed and that you are OK.


Rhonda in Chile said...

Thank you, Sarah.
BTW, my due date is Nov 20. I am really hoping this baby comes sooner!

Anonymous said...

Oooh. How exciting. I'll bet it seems so far off right now. Hope you're feeling well.


Tori said...

Oh Rhonda, I'm so glad you are now on the mend and things are looking up.

I had no idea you were so close to your due date. November 20 isn't far away at all.

Oh ye and BTW, I'm so glad to see you posting again!!

Missed ya!!