Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby, oh Baby! Mi Nena!

This will be a bi-lingual post for all our friends and family.
Esta entrada será bilingue para todos nuestros amigos y familiares.

Here's the last family photo without Vanessa! Aqui esta la ultima foto familiar sin Vanessa!

Here's the hospital, before all the hoopla.
Aqui esta una foto de la clinica antes de todo el espectaculo.
After this, they took me to what they call pre-parto, where I spent the next 4 hours.
The Dr was having a really busy day, so we spent most of the time with the midwife who did not really believe my stories of the previous births. By the time the contractions got really bad, then they decided to insert the catheter for the anesthesia. It took forever because of the really painful contractions. They kept telling me to roll up in a ball (yeah, right!) and be still. (are they kidding?) By the time the catheter was inserted and before I could feel the efects of the aneshtesia, I felt that the baby was coming. I told the midwife. She couldn't believe it! i had gone from 4 cm to 10 cm in 30 minutes! They wheeled me lickety-split into the delivery room and called Neil and Mom who they had sent out for the anesthesia precedure. In the delivery room, I had two really bad contractions which, by the way, I could feel because as yet the anesthesia had not taken effect. Then, before Neil and Mom could get into their scrubs, the baby is born!!!!! I was thrilled and ticked off all at the same time! Ticked because Neil and Mom missed the whole thing, and that I felt the whole thing!!!!!! I won't even tell you about the screaming! (me, not the baby!)
Despues me llevaron a pre-parto donde pasé las siguientes cuatro horas. El Dr. estaba muy ocupado, asi que estuve todo el rato con la matrona, quien parece no haber creido cuando le conte de la rapidez de los otros partos. Cuando las contracciones estaban super fuertes, decidieron insertar el cateter para la anestesia. Se demoraron, porque fue super dificil. Querian que yo me enrollara(como si pudiera) y no me moviera (¿estan locos?) Cuando ya habian insertado el cateter y antes de sentir los efectos de la anestesia, senti que la guagua ya venia. Se lo dije a la matrona y no me podia creer. Yo habia avanzado de 4 cm hasta 10 cm en 30 minutos. Me llavaron rapidito al pabellon, y llamaron a Neil y Mama, porque los habian echado para la cosa de la anestesia. Una vez en el pabello, tuve 2 terribles contacciones mas, que igualmente senti, porque la anestesia todavia no habia tomado efecto. ¡Y nacio la guagua! Yo yestaba feliz y a la vez molesta porque 1, Neil y Mama se lo perdieron todo, y 2, Senti tod0! Y ni les voy a hablar de los gritos (los mios, no los de la bebe!)

Alls well that ends well!
Ya todo esta bien!

Ronnie wasnt really keen on holding the baby
Ronnie no queria tomar la guagua.
But he had a change of heart!
Pero cambio de parecer!

Heres a shot with Emily and the lovely flowers she brought.
Una foto con mi hermana Emily, y las flores que trajo.


Sis. Julie said...

Awwwwww!! Congratulations!! I'm so glad all went well even though you felt it all and it went so fast. You look great and Vanessa is just beautiful!! I'm so excited for you all!! Tell all hello for us please. I love you!!

Rhonda in Chile said...

Thank you!!!!! I love you too!

We are all so thrilled. This is one great baby. When I think of how nervous and inexperienced I felt and acted with Eileen, it seems so different this time.

All our best to you and your family.

Holly said...

I really enjoyed your photo gallery. It was so much fun to look at these. So thankful that everyone is doing well. You and your hair look fabulous by the way. . just couldn't resist commenting on your 3 hour weave.

God Bless.