Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mommy Musings, A tale of two Babies

Almost thirteen years ago, a wee baby was born to the Arias Family. Her 23 year old mama tried her best to prepare for her arrival. She read the books and listened to Dr. Dobson on the radio. (this was actually very helpful) But nothing prepare her for the reality of a baby. Mama and Daddy were preparing to head for the mission field in the next month after the blessed birth. So, shopping and packing, visiting and last goodbyes, they flittered all around Southern California during Baby¨s first month. Oh yeah, and a last trip to Disneyland. And a few Christmas programs. Mama was amazed at how well Baby did on all these outings. She did well, until nightime, that is. At night, Baby could not sleep. She fussed and cried. We took turns walking here all hours of the night, Mama, Daddy and Granny. Baby was frustrated. Mama was frustrated. Still, ding-bat Mama did not realize that maybe she was making this situation worse. She never dreamed that all the running around might be affecting her little one. As Baby grew, she seemed to need even more stimulation, leading ding-bat Mama to put Baby in her swing In Front of the TV, just so Mama could get some work done. Needless to say, Mama was not incredibly anxious to have another go at motherhood.

NOTE. There was another baby born between the two girls. I adore my son, but I cannot hardly remember anything from his babyhood. This may be because baby girl Number 1 was two at the time, and I was on overload. Sorry Ronnie.

Fast forward to Little Girl Number 2. Mama is now 35. She has watched "The Baby Whisperer" and read her book, especially the parts about over-stimulated babies. She and her Big Girl get the house ready. She relinquishes her SS class. After baby is born, she stays home. When she does go to Church, she keeps Baby in the cry room. Amazingly, Baby is much calmer. No need for hours of walking and lullabies. Very little frustration. Fewer tears from Baby and Mama. But then, Mama makes a mistake. Mama takes the ladies for a quick retreat. (Not her idea) One nïght away from home. Baby cries all night. Mama walks the halls of the retreat center and remembers the past. Next night, at home, same thing, fussiness. But then, all is calm again. Not perfect but definitely livable.
Maybe later on we can go out and about, but for now, for the first few weeks, we will stick close to home.

Lesson learned, and it only took 13 years.

Another Note.
God was exceedingly merciful to Baby Girl Number 1. She has turned out to be a lovely, godly young lady, in spite of her ding-bat mother.


Anonymous said...

Rhonda--You are a breath of fresh air! (o:

Rhonda in Chile said...

Thank you!