Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do what you're told!!!!!

I have two kids, a 10 year old, Eileen, and a 7 year old, Ronnie. You know what kids are like, you tell them to do something, and how, and send them off. They come back later and try to explain why they couldn't do it. Then you ask them how they tried to do whatever, and they go on and on....... and then you realize that they were not doing it the way I you said.

So, I will not go on and on about the shape of my house. I got onto and read (again)
The most important routine for FLylady is the BeforeBed routine.

Here I go. I'm going to turn off the computer and start writing down things that need to be done before I go to bed, to make my own BeforeBed routine.

I like the sound of routine better than schedule.


Susan said...

Hi, Rhonda! I am very excited to see your blog, because some of your interests are identical to mine - such as the Marshalls and the Hamiltons! I found your blog through a comment on Candy's blog and immediately bookmarked it.

My family and I are IFB missionaries to Vancouver, Canada. Our sending church is in Ft. Worth, TX, but we are originally from SC (me) and NC (dh). We have 3 teens, 2 boys and a girl, and we homeschool. I'm really looking forward to getting to know you through your blog - keep it going!

Rhonda said...

Thanks Susan!
I'm from California and DH is Chilean. Our sending Church is in Southern Cal.
God bless you work!