Thursday, April 20, 2006

What does God want?

It seems that on the internet, one meets all kinds of folks. I a few short weeks, I have virtually "met" mid-tribbers, post-tribbers, ladies who dress modestly (no pants, ect.) and ladies who dress doubly-modestly (must wear a jumper o vests) It seems that in this category these ladies also wear veils or headcoverings. I have also met ladies who wear pants and "modest" bathing suits. ( I don't know what they mean) I have also had the "priviledge" (some mild sarcasm here) of "meeting" a "brother" who seems to have a ton of time to surf websites probably intended for ladies only.. He also likes to pipe in and give us his two liberal cents. OK, sarcasm over.
What does God want? He wants us to be kind. He wants us to be modest and feminine. And have a great attitude and loving demeanor.

Here's the deal, let's listen to one another. I'll listen to you with an open mind and heart. You listen to me with and open mind and heart. We'll both listen to God. We'll talk to our husbands.
I will not call you a liberal, and you won't call me a legalist. If you wear a headcovering, I won't laugh.
I'm sure satan is having a heyday with all the arguing going on online. Lets not give him the satisfaction OK?

In Love,


Mrs.B. said...

LOL! I loved the the certain 'brother' found on Candy's site? If so, I am in agreement with you. (o:

Rhonda said...

Um, well, Yeah!
God bless him, and give him work to do so that he doesn't have the time to bother us!