Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another book

I bought "Family Driven Faith" by Voddie Baucham. Wonderful, of course. Even though I don't like the idea of family integrated worship, I agreed wholeheartedly about most of the book.

Several other well-known bloggers have reviewed this book, which talks about the importance of family, namely the father, in the evangelization and discipleship of children. Naturally, I agreed, but what I felt was missing is what to do if the husband doesn't take the spiritual leadership. If a woman reads about how important her husband is in the spiritual growth of her children, it would be discouraging to see him not fulfill that role, and out of place for her to take that leadership role. So, to me, its a book meant for men to read.

I rarley see a man take full charge of his family's spirituality, so what's a woman to do? Taking the leadership herself will backfire. When her kids see her in a spiritual leadership position apart from her husband, they will not be seeing the submission they need to see. Here's where I take a Sovereign God at his word. I believe that if I what is right, my God will make up for the deficiencies of others around me. God promises to reward faithfulness. I know that God will protect the children of faithful women. I have to believe that! If not, women would be desperately trying to make their husbands "spiritual", for the sake of the children. And we all know that you cannot "make" someone spiritual.

The book is great, I'd give it to young men for a wedding gift!

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Tori said...

Sounds like a good book, where do you get all these books or did you bring them back home with you?