Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Waiting on the Lord

I have heard about "waiting on the Lord" for all my life. I've even told people to wait on the Lord. But you know what? Its not quite the same when you yourself are in a position where you must wait upon the Lord.
Wait..........upon..........the Lord

I have been bombarded lately by God telling me to wait quietly. Listen in the silence, in the darkness. Wait. Truthfully? I'm not doing to good. I want to TALK! I want to ask counsel, but I feel that God is leading me to be quiet and let Him do the talking and the counseling.

I am in a position to have to believe God. Believe that He can do what I cannot. Oh, Ok, so this is what it means to live by faith. Ouch.
God will do what I cannot as long as I do not interfere.
Lord, I believe, thou my unbelief!


Tori said...

Hey Girl,
I can totally relate to this post. We have never had a problem waiting on God but since He is taking His time this time in showing us His direct will it's getting a bit hard to wait.

Thanks for a great post. Oh yea say hi to the family for us!!

Rhonda said...

Hi Tori!
Well, if He answered right when I want Him to, there wouldn't be a problem, Heh?
Oh, right, I'm not supposed to tell God what to do!

Hope you are all well there!

Anonymous said...

...and then sometimes He answers when you least expect it!

I struggle with this too.