Friday, February 01, 2008

Wifely advice

Last year I shared with you about a young woman in our Church who was going through a time of temptation to date an unsaved man. We prayed, pleaded, advised, and waited on the Lord. This young woman who is a dear friend to my family, came through the trial shaken, but unblemished. She was a little uneasy, seeing no man in our Church her age that she liked.
Well, wouldn't you know that while we were in the US, God brought back an old beau of hers, "all growed up" and mighty keen on getting her back.
Long story short, he has asked for her hand and she and her parents have accepted.
So now, I have been gleefully dishing up all my wifely advice, thank you Debi Pearl! Thank you, Mama!

I was talking with DH about marriage advice a few months ago and told him that my basic philosophy now was that a wife need to provide "good ministry (wink, wink) and good food" He looked at me, cocked his head while he thought about it and said, " you need to teach that at the ladies meetings!" Could it be that simple? No, not really, but its a good start!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that God has blessed her patience and her self-control. Hugs.

Jennifer said...

Hey i came across your blog..i love reading about missionary lives!! I enjoyed reading your blog..don't be a stranger come and visit mine anytime!! god bless

Michelle said...

I just got through "Created . . ",and truth be told it is a challange for me, but I've been implemnting things bit by bit. I have to watch my inner bear carefully because she supprises me with how quickly she attacks . . .but it's been a blessing. Now I'm finding that wives (deaf) are coming to me for advice *UGH!* I pray God guides me since I am still learning myself!!!!

Tori said...

Wow if it were that easy to just teach them. So glad your back on, gotta remember to come here now that your back.