Friday, February 29, 2008

Why I blog

I have to admit, I don't know. I love reading others' blogs. So many talented people! Frugal living, home management, parenting, Christian living, you name it. Now, I do all those things, but I am not an expert at any of it. I've been on the mission field since I was 11, but I'm not an expert at that either. In fact, when I read Jungle Mom, I feel totally inadequate as a missionary! We have no big bugs, snakes, piranhas, dugout canoes or huts.

I guess I blog because I need all of you, those I know, those I don't know. Those blogs I visit everyday and those I visit once in a while. You challenge me, encourage me, sometimes you outrage me! But at least I know that there are others like me, imperfect, who need to connect. You encourage me in the Lord. Thank you


Tori said...

I love this post, I'm very glad you blog. I love hearing about your life and what God us doing in Chile. Pleased continue....°Ü°

Rhonda said...

So good to "see" you, Tori!

I saw the Croatian flag on the visitor activity at Statcounter, and I knew that you had stopped by!

Pray for me

Anonymous said...

I just love the interaction I think. Some bloggers have comments switched off but I love to read comments.

My favourite kind of blogs are where you get an insight into a bloggers life, I like devotional posts but blogs that are all devotional can get a little much, I like to chew over preaching/devotion for a few days and I get overwhelmed if it's one hard-hitting devotion after another, lol. (I have a sloooow brain :)

Mrs.B said...

I love your blog Rhonda, don't change a thing, I'm very glad you blog. (o:

Jungle Mom said...

I enjoy reading your blog and it opens my eyes to ministries and needs in other parts of the world.

Sis. Julie said... are a blessing to me!! And to have had the blessing and opportunity to meet you is even better. You have encouraged me and I thank God for you Sister!!

Rhonda said...

Oh Hi, Y'all!
I just love having you stop by. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't boring everyone to tears!

Michelle in Mx said...

Boring everyone to tears is what I fear I'm doing to you! I need the connection - the view to get off myself and see what is going on. Besides learning about different culture and having a christian sisterhood . . . . what can I say?
I'm glad your a blogger.