Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ladies Bible Study

Well, my insanely busy life just got busier. Yes, I need to cut back. But, where? Which one of my kids should I give up? I cannot give up the ladies ministry, as they need it so badly. And to add to all the fun, we started a
2 o'clock study in Mafil, followed by a 4 o'clock study in Lanco.
The Mafil study is unique in that the ladies have 2nd grade reading level, well, those who read have a 2nd grade reading level. The others just listen.
Today, we learned the names of the first 5 books of the Bible. They got stuck on "Deuteronomio". That's OK. A lot of people do! I gave a flash-card lesson about Adam and Eve and the fall.

In Lanco, we had a great meeting. We had 21, which is great. I taught about hearts, my heart, my husband's heart and my kids' hearts. I am trying to get them to understand that they must reach out emotionally and spiritually to their kids. Only time will tell if any of them got it. I have to trust that the Holy Spirit will lead them to the truth. A lady visited on Sunday, and got saved. She came today, and she was so excited!

But now, its all over and I am tired! So is Eileen, since she cared for the children during the class. She really needs a good helper. She is a real trooper.

I have really wanted to spend some blogging time, but some days, I hardly have time to read your blogs. I get such a blessing from reading!
God bless and keep you.

Hope you are basking in the Son!


Tori said...

Amen for that lady who was saved!!
and the meetings sounds like such a blessing.
I can just imagine what treasure you will have in Heaven for all your hard work on Earth.

Bless you Rhonda!!

Dani Joy said...

Hi, I have come to you via Croatia from Spain. :) It´s so great to find other like minded missionaries and sisters!
I would like to add you to my Missionary blog roll.
I am very interested in your ladies meetings. sounds so incredible!
Love your little saying about basking in the Son! I need to go get some basking done now. :)

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hi Tori!
Yes, the meetings are a blessing!

Hi Dani Joy!
Add me if you'd like. I'd be honored.

Keep the Son in you eyes!