Thursday, April 16, 2009

My "Multitud of Counsellors"

Okay, so maybe not a multitud, but I do seek counsel. Not always with a real, live, talking human, but through books. I would like to share them with you.
But first, I cannot write about my counselors without first writing about my mom. She is my greatest counselor. I learn by her words and example.
She also is a big lover of great books, mostly biographies, some study books and some fiction.

My "Counsellors" on Child training and discipline are: Michael and Debi Pearl and Voddie Baucham. Books: To Train up a Child and Family Driven Faith. I read and reread these books and I give them as gifts.
I also like to listen to Voddie online, and I read NGJ's newsletter.
My "counsellor" in Wifehood (is that a real word?) and motherhood: Debi Pearl, "Created to be his Helpmeet"
I know that this book is controversial to some, but I find it very helpful for me and for those that I counsel.
Another "Counsellor" in this area is Stormie Omartian and her Power of a praying wife. If you have not read this book, I heartily suggest that you do!
My"Counsellor" in Housekeeping is Flylady!
Added to this are the writings and sayings of Booker T Washington, who knew the value of hard work and dilligence.

My "Counsellors" in finance are Mary Hunt and Dave Ramsey
I find that it helps to read different authors in order to get a greater vision. And it goes without saying that of course, you absolutely must compare everything to Scripture. I read the One Year Bible for my daily reading. If you don't read all the Scripture, you'll depend on books and teachers and never really learn to rely on the Lord.

I thank God for allowing me to learn and grow.


JulieMom said...

I have never heard of Voddie Baucham. I'll have to look her up now. But I do have the Pearls' books, and I think they are excellent resources.

(Of course I don't agree with EVERYTHING she says...but most of it.)

Wise women get counsel! And I am so happy for you that your mother is a great source of encouragement and counsel for you. What a blessing!

Rhonda in Chile said...

Hey Julie!
Just so you're not shocked when you see him, Voddie is a man!
We are so glad that you and your family are doing so good in SA!
We continue working with the deaf here, but can't devote as much time as we'd like.
Blessings to you!

Anonymous said...

Like you, I really found Debi Pearl's CTBHHM very helpful. And I also enjoy reading NGJ magazine.

Hope all is well with you and yours my friend! (o: